Sunday, August 13, 2006

Snapshots of Summer

Just got this layout done of some pictures of Kyle at the water park recently. He'd be there all the time if we had his choice! He sure loves being outside.

We just got back from camping on Friday (2 days ago) though we should have been coming home today. Tracy and Brian took Sophia up yesterday and the plan was to all be there, but Nathan had other ideas. He just wasn't sleeping well and was having problems with teething. I was tired from getting up all the time at night too and trying to make sure he stayed relatively quick so as not to wake up everyone around us. We all had lots of fun while we were up there though.

The weather didn't really cooperate with us either though. We went us Tuesday to rain later in the day and ended up wet in the tent that night. Well, let me correct that, I was dry and George ended up wet! The next night we were both dry, but the rain sort of came on and off. Even when it wasn't raining, it didn't really clear up completely or get warm.

Poor Kyle! Mum and dad had told him they'd take him to the water park near the campsite because they went there last year. Every day we were there, he'd ask. We would tell him we'd take him when the sun came out. Dad took him for a walk down to the beach and the sun peeked through on their way back and he asked if he could go! The last day, the first thing he asked about when he woke up was the water park! We never did end up being able to take him with the weather being what it was, so mum and dad have promised to take him another time!

Well, I'd better be off for now, but will add some camping pictures later!