Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not much time for scrapping, but...

I thought I'd post a couple of layouts that I've managed to get done in the last while. Haven't done too much lately obviously with all of us being sick, but I need/want to get back at it! I love the one with the picture of Nathan and Sophia holding hands and needless to say, this picture was from a while ago! And, of course, the other layout is more pictures of Kyle baking since it seems like he's always helping in the kitchen with something and on this particular day it was brownies. Just this morning he told me that we needed to bake a cake for daddy!

The WORST was yet to come...

Little did I know that when I commented about the fact that trips to the doctor might not be over that I'd be back in emergency in about 24 hours! As I said, we'd planned on taking Kyle to the doctor on Monday morning if everything wasn't getting better. Sunday night though his temperature was back up to 39.7 and he just was plain old sick in the worst kind of way. I was getting quite worried too because the coughing he had just wouldn't stop. He couldn't get any sleep either as a result and was miserable.

I decided to call the nurses line again and see if my gut instinct to take him back to emergency (since it was about 11pm) was right. Sure enough, that's exactly what she told me to do. So off Kyle and I went again! There was a much longer wait this time and a lot of sick little kids. When we got in to the patient area, they took kyle's temperature and after doing that, stripped him right down to his underwear because he was so hot. The doctor came (the same one we'd seen the first time) and said he was glad I'd brought him in since he the cough was bad, his temp was up and he was even breathing a little faster than the doctor liked. We went through Kyle's history again and they decided to do a chest x-ray. After doing it, the doctor told me that his had some chest inflammation and that though he couldn't say for certain, he thought it looked like the beginnings of pneumonia! I was shocked and worried to say the least!

The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for the chest inflammation as well as the conjunctivitis in his eyes and we got dressed and headed home. I got Kyle tucked in again and I headed off to an all-night pharmacy to get the prescription filled since the Dr wanted it started ASAP. By this time, it was about 1:30am as I was sitting and waiting for the prescription. Got home and got it into Kyle and headed off to bed. He was so sick that he kept waking up and calling for me though, so I ended up "sleeping" on the floor in his room, but there wasn't much (any!) sleep since he woke up every 15-20 minutes coughing and upset.

George was good enough to stay home on Monday since I was sick and hadn't slept as well as the fact that I had to get Nathan to the doctor as well for his eyes and the darn cough he had that wouldn't go away. After George got up, I headed to bed for a few hours before getting up and heading to the clinic again with Nathan.

Nathan and I went up to the clinic around 10am and were told to come back at 1:30!! The doctors in the clinic are great, but it's really busy and they've been short a doctor (until today again actually). We went back and both of us got checked out since I haven't been able to shake this bug either. The doctor put both of us on a short-run (6 day) antibiotic and gave Nathan some eye drops for the conjunctivitis. Then, it seemed like a full-time job just administering medicine and timing it right!

It's been a long few days at home and Kyle missed school this week of course. I was asked to take Kyle in the to the doctor again today just to get him checked up on. The doctor said that he seems better, but can still hear stuff in his chest, so we have to go back once the prescription is finished and make sure the infection is gone and if not, they'll have to extend the antibiotics to make sure it doesn't come back.

I also had the doctor look at Nathan's eyes again because they're really red and goopy (technical word!) still and don't seem to be any better. The doctor prescribed a different medicine and we have to go get it after Nathan's nap since we'd have to wait too long to pick it up and Nathan was too tired. I hope we can get rid of this thing!

I think I'm on the rebound at least though I do have a dry throat from time to time. At least it's not so sore anymore. The trips to the doctor aren't over, but I hope it'll be once more and they'll tell us everyone is good and healthy again!!!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

What a week!!

Funny how my last post was the day before my week went all sideways! And let me tell you, it's not better yet!

Wednesday morning started off OK. Nathan was still sick, but it was an exciting morning because Kyle had his first day of preschool. Since I'm not going back to work, we wanted to get him in ASAP. And as it turned out, it was Valentine's Day. He was quite excited about going and I took these pictures of him. He wasn't worried about me leaving or anything and both the teachers said he had a great day. He did some crafts and they had circle time and a snack break. 2 hours of pure fun for him I'm sure.

However, it was after he got home that things got worse and haven't really improved! Kyle started feeling not so great after lunch on Wednesday after coming home from school. Apparently the teacher said that he told her he had a cold, but I certainly didn't know that or I wouldn't have sent him. My mid-afternoon his temperature was up and hasn't actually come down since. Well, it's come down and then gone back up again.

Wednesday night, he was coughing and having a little trouble with breathing only in the sense that it was quite fast, so that in combination with the temperature made me call the nurses line that we have here just to see what I should do and what I should be looking for. After a ton of questions, she said I needed to take him to emergency (since it was about 11:30pm)! So, I packed him up and off we went for our first emergency trip (though not our last!). We got there and got him registered and in quite quickly. The doctor saw him and said it was viral and that there was nothing he could give him and that we'd just have to ride it out. Off we went home again.

Thursday was not a great day either. His temp was up and down and he hadn't been eating much though I was making sure he was drinking water and water/juice, so he didn't get dehydrated. Not much change, so onto Friday. Well, if this is any indication, I called George when he was off work to make sure he was coming straight home! The pair of them were just not good at all! Nathan was cranky and didn't want to sleep, but didn't know what he wanted. Kyle still has his temp up and down and was just generally not a happy boy.

We checked his temp about 5:30 again and it was up to 39.7 degrees. Well, the nurse at the nurse's line told me that if it got over 39.5, that he should be seen by someone. So, we packed the kids in the car thinking that we'd go to the clinic and get the Dr to check both of them out. Well, after trying 4 clinics and having them all closed, we were left with no choice, but to go back to emergency. I didn't want to, but if it meant that I saved Kyle from something nasty, I was going to do it since I'd tried the clinics without any luck.

Once again, we got him all registered and in and out within an hour I think. The doctor had another look and said that it still looked viral, so they wouldn't give him anything/ He said that the temperature was good as long as it was just working whatever he had out of his system and as long as it doesn't go on for too long. So now, the thing is just that we need to take him back if the temperature still hasn't come down by Monday morning. I just feel so bad because it's up again tonight and he's miserable, but the only thing I can do is give him the Tylenol and put a cool cloth on his forehead. I also rubbed his forehead for a while the way I remember mu used to when I was sick because I always liked it.

Nathan had been sick and is still sick actually. We now need to take him back to the doctor because he has green gunk in the corners of his eyes along with everything else, but at least his temperature hasn't been up for ages! George tried to get him in to see the doctor today since I was working, but Nathan (and no doubt George and Kyle for that matter) was miserable and George felt like he just couldn't wait as long as he'd need to to see the doctor, so we'll have to try again tomorrow if it's not better.

So, we'll see how it goes over the next day or two, but the trips to see the doctor might not be over yet. I'll be soooooo happy when we can get rid of this bug. I have to say that this isn't one of the things you think of when you think about having kids. Like I said to mum tonight though, I still have to be thankful that there isn't any vomiting going on!!

So, we have another day at home for all of us and let's hope it's a better one! It'll be nice to nejoy some time together as a family once this is all over and done with.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, first I was to say thanks to those of you that e-mailed me about my last blog post. I got a couple of very nice notes and it was wonderful!

Now as for this one, we'll start with a general update. Not too much going on around here since Nathan is still sick. Kyle is dying to get out to the park, but it's not that warm and I don't want to be taking Nathan yet. He just can't seem to shake this and his poor little nose has been like a tap for days now.

We did manage to get out and meet Tracy and Sophia up at the mall for a few minutes yesterday. Nice to just get out of the house and it wasn't for very long. I actually got a few minutes to myself too because both the boys napped after we got back! Yeah!

I'd like to go pick up those pictures today too that I ordered. It would be nice to get out for a little walk if nothing, but we'll have to see how Nathan is when he gets up. Surprisingly, he's still sleeping (slept until 8 yesterday too), but I'm sure he needs it!

Now, as for today's journaling topic from A Fancy Word Made Simple:
What makes you comfortable?

I could have a list a mile long if I thought about it, but here are a few:
cuddles from my boys
being home
clean sheets
my comfy pants
a hot cup of coffee and the wonderful smell it has
a fire when camping
the sound of rain on the roof
dad's old sweatshirt

Well, better be off and see what I can get done today. There's a ton of laundry (amongst all the other chores) waiting to be done! Have a good one!


Sunday, February 11, 2007


I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life -- and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do. -- Georgia O'Keefe

I love this quote and it was posted over on the journaling blog "A Fancy Word for Simple" (check out sites my sites of note list!). Fear is something we all have in some form or another, but it's how we deal with it that's important I think. I'm sure Dr. Phil would have a field day with this one, but I have had this long held fear that people won't like me. Now, that my surprise some of you and I certainly can't tell you why. I'm sure it explains many of my people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies, but where it came from I'm just not really sure. It obviously has nothing to do with not being loved as a child - or at anytime in my life for that matter because I have a wonderful family that loves me unconditionally and that I'm grateful for.

It might be my experience with kids in school. I can't say I had "best" friends growing up. I was always one of the "floater" kids that had a lot of friends from a lot of different groups. I also had some kids treat me very badly off and on and make me feel truly awful. It's something that shapes us in some way though I'm not sure as to the degree. I did have very good experiences with friends too and often had more male than female friends. Funnily now, a couple of people that I would consider very good friends don't even live here, but that doesn't seem to matter.

The good news is that though this fear hasn't disappeared completely, I certainly care less with age. I am who I am now and I can't change how people feel about me. The only person I can control is myself and you don't know that as a kid. Maybe this is something I need to make an effort to teach Kyle and Nathan as they get older...

Hmmm.. that was a rather honest bit of writing this morning. Rather cathartic actually.

Friday, February 09, 2007

On the Road to Recovery

Well, finally feeling a little better here today though Nathan is now getting my bugs I think. He's been grumpy on and off all day and has been taking little catnaps rather than 2 longer naps like he usually does.

I've had a productive day! Managed to get some laundry done, the kitchen mostly cleaned, the living room picked up and I'm hoping to vacuum it too while Nathan is napping. Not too bad considering I've been on the sofa the last 2 days. Just hope I'm not doing too much and that I'll wipe myself out!

I even got a little scrapping done too! This was a picture that was taken on Mother's Day and I love it! Nathan's cheeks were so round and I just wanted to pinch them all the time when he was that age! He's still pretty darn cute, but his body shape has sure changed! He's gotten much longer and leaner.

Nothing too much else going on here really. Found out today that it'll be another three weeks later than I expected (so starting March 26th) that I'll have Sophia. I may take her a day a week in the few weeks before that to help Tracy get some things done and to work out the kinks for both of us.

I'm still tutoring a couple of nights a week and working at the store a couple of days as well. Some days I see George for a few minutes in the morning and then a few in the evening and that's it! I'm working one night and one weekend day at the store now and I like that better than a couple of nights for logistical reasons (we don't need a sitter more than one day then) and I get more hours as well.

Well, better go do a coupe of things here since George'll be home soon!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hi all,

Haven't been very good about posting of late and being sick this week hasn't helped. Let's see, what day is it?! I guess I started feeling sick Monday evening with a scratchy throat and then Tuesday wasn't great, but not horrible either. By that night though I was out of commission with chills, fever and the whole bit. Think it's just been a bad cold with a bad headache and congestion as well. George has actually been home the last 2 days since I was in no shape to do anything for myself, never mind the boys. Think I'm on the road to recovery though not there yet!

Called in sick to work tonight as well, but some things can't be helped and I have a feeling someone at work might have actually passed it along to me!

Kyle is going to Grandma's tomorrow for a visit, so that'll help me as well. Had been planning on doing that to get me a little "me" time, but I guess it'll be "recovery" time now!

Oh well, better this sick now than once I have Sophia 4 days a week as well since that's only a few weeks away now!