Thursday, February 22, 2007

The WORST was yet to come...

Little did I know that when I commented about the fact that trips to the doctor might not be over that I'd be back in emergency in about 24 hours! As I said, we'd planned on taking Kyle to the doctor on Monday morning if everything wasn't getting better. Sunday night though his temperature was back up to 39.7 and he just was plain old sick in the worst kind of way. I was getting quite worried too because the coughing he had just wouldn't stop. He couldn't get any sleep either as a result and was miserable.

I decided to call the nurses line again and see if my gut instinct to take him back to emergency (since it was about 11pm) was right. Sure enough, that's exactly what she told me to do. So off Kyle and I went again! There was a much longer wait this time and a lot of sick little kids. When we got in to the patient area, they took kyle's temperature and after doing that, stripped him right down to his underwear because he was so hot. The doctor came (the same one we'd seen the first time) and said he was glad I'd brought him in since he the cough was bad, his temp was up and he was even breathing a little faster than the doctor liked. We went through Kyle's history again and they decided to do a chest x-ray. After doing it, the doctor told me that his had some chest inflammation and that though he couldn't say for certain, he thought it looked like the beginnings of pneumonia! I was shocked and worried to say the least!

The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for the chest inflammation as well as the conjunctivitis in his eyes and we got dressed and headed home. I got Kyle tucked in again and I headed off to an all-night pharmacy to get the prescription filled since the Dr wanted it started ASAP. By this time, it was about 1:30am as I was sitting and waiting for the prescription. Got home and got it into Kyle and headed off to bed. He was so sick that he kept waking up and calling for me though, so I ended up "sleeping" on the floor in his room, but there wasn't much (any!) sleep since he woke up every 15-20 minutes coughing and upset.

George was good enough to stay home on Monday since I was sick and hadn't slept as well as the fact that I had to get Nathan to the doctor as well for his eyes and the darn cough he had that wouldn't go away. After George got up, I headed to bed for a few hours before getting up and heading to the clinic again with Nathan.

Nathan and I went up to the clinic around 10am and were told to come back at 1:30!! The doctors in the clinic are great, but it's really busy and they've been short a doctor (until today again actually). We went back and both of us got checked out since I haven't been able to shake this bug either. The doctor put both of us on a short-run (6 day) antibiotic and gave Nathan some eye drops for the conjunctivitis. Then, it seemed like a full-time job just administering medicine and timing it right!

It's been a long few days at home and Kyle missed school this week of course. I was asked to take Kyle in the to the doctor again today just to get him checked up on. The doctor said that he seems better, but can still hear stuff in his chest, so we have to go back once the prescription is finished and make sure the infection is gone and if not, they'll have to extend the antibiotics to make sure it doesn't come back.

I also had the doctor look at Nathan's eyes again because they're really red and goopy (technical word!) still and don't seem to be any better. The doctor prescribed a different medicine and we have to go get it after Nathan's nap since we'd have to wait too long to pick it up and Nathan was too tired. I hope we can get rid of this thing!

I think I'm on the rebound at least though I do have a dry throat from time to time. At least it's not so sore anymore. The trips to the doctor aren't over, but I hope it'll be once more and they'll tell us everyone is good and healthy again!!!


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