Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who needs toys...

when you have doors?!? This is definitely Nathan's new thing and he'd do it as long as you let him. He just goes behind the door and opens and closes and opens and closes. He thinks it's quite fun if you're there to smile at him or say "Boo" when he opens it. This actually manages to amuse Kyle for a while too. The only thing is that once in a while he actually closes the door and then gets quite mad that "the toy" is no longer available to him!

This afternoon, I was chatting with mum on the phone and Nathan was crawling around as usual. He went into what'll be his room (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and he started playing with the door. I could see him, so it wasn't a problem until he closed the door and he was stuck in the room by himself. I asked mum to hang on and went to "rescue" him, but had a problem because he was standing up against the other side of the door. I managed to get the door open enough to squeeze in without knocking him over and got him out of there. I tell you, that kid is a going concern these days! He just thinks it's all quite funny though!

We had another day at home since the roads still aren't great and we really didn't have anywhere we needed to be. George thankfully took us out tonight for a little outing after he got home and it was just nice to be outside the house, but it's sure cold! That's the reason I haven't even had the boys outside to play too. I think it was -8 again this morning and it warmed up to -4 or 5 this afternoon! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and then warm up a bit and start raining in the next day or two! I'll be happy to see that rain and to this the snow and cold weather behind us - for now anyway!

Well, everyone else is snuggled into bed and I'd better be off to the same place. I'm hoping Nathan will have a better night of sleep since we gave him some Advil before bed tonight since he's got another tooth coming in. He's been waking up a lot the last few nights, so I figured something must be going on in his mouth, but I didn't see the little white culprit until today! Poor kid! It's a good thing we don't remember getting teeth!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Jammies Day!

Well, this is just one of those days that it seems you're better of not even bothering to get dressed. OK, I did manage to have a shower, but i've got my "comfy pants" (aka pj pants) on and a sweatshirt. Nothing fancy here today and I haven't bothered getting either of the kids dressed. Nathan down for a short nap and Kyle is busy playing.

As you can see from the pictures, we also did a little baking - Brownies! Kyle loves baking and since we're not going out, we might as well do some fun things at home. We also played Snakes and Ladders and are off to read stories here shortly. Nathan's naptime is "Kyle time" and these days it's usually spent reading books in his bed and pretending to nap! After I took these pictures, Kyle actually had his head in the bowl licking it out too!

The weather here is nuts. George did go to work, but left crazy early and got to work at the same time as usual. He said it was about 40km all the way. And judging from the news, a lot of people just stayed home since the roads didn't look nearly as bust us they usually are. A lot of school districts are actually closed today too, so some parents are probably at home as a result. The temperature today was as low as -18 degrees with the wind chill. Even at the airport this morning, it was -8 and that's where it's generally the warmest! I'm not bothering to get Kyle bundled up at that temperature! I don't want to be out there in that and he seems OK with that after asking about it a few times. He spent so much of his day out there yesterday that I think that saved me!

Nathan's music class was this morning, but we decided not to go. The roads aren't great and the car was sliding around a bit yesterday when George was driving when we went to do our grocery shopping. With 2 kids in the car, I'm not too keen and since it's nothing we have to do, I decided I'd rather not have the stress! Instead, I'm in my jammies!! Yeah! Have to wait and see what happens later this week with the weather as we might be spending more time at home. I have to say that I don't mind a bit of this, but I'll be welcoming back the rain anytime!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let it SNOW!

What a day! Well, this is certainly not normal for this time of year, but the snow started late yesterday afternoon and has kept coming ever since! They are also calling for some quite cold days this week, so if the snow doesn't go before that, it could be pretty treacherous out there on the roads! Thank goodness for mat leave and not having to commute!

George and I had a great night out last night. We went out with Marlo and Chris and Dana-Lyn and Ross who I met over three years ago when I was in the local mum's group. Gina and Murray were supposed to be out with is too, but they unfortunately couldn't get a sitter. We all went to the Keg in New West where a friend of Chris' works and not only did we have a good meal and with great company, but a bit of a break on the tab too! I actually even enjoyed a Crantini before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. Don't do that too often these days! This was our Christmas dinner since we decided that 8 adults and 8 kids was too much to try and get together this year! It was a great night!!

The roads weren't too bad getting home last night as long as you took it easy and drove to the conditions. Mum and dad came all the way out to watch the boys for us -even in the snow! I was hoping they'd stay the night, but dad was worried it'd only be worse in the morning and they said wasn't too bad getting home. We did have even more snow this morning!

Kyle had been chomping at the bit to get out there and build a snowman, but George and I alternate weekend days to sleep in and today was his turn. Kyle bugged me about waking George up for about an hour and I half before I caved at 9am and said he could go in. Thankfully, George was already waking up anyway. We got Kyle dressed and he was out the door before George could even finish getting ready. The first thing he did was go out and make a snow angel! It's a good thing we got him boots the day before yesterday and we were just lucky that his snow pants from last year still fit because we certainly hadn't tried them before this morning!

George and Kyle built an almost 6ft snowman and put rocks in for his eyes and mouth. They found some sticks and Kyle has to use them not only for arms, but for legs too! We still hadn't done our grocery shopping then, so we promised we'd get a carrot for his nose. Well, the second we got home from shopping, he wanted to go out and put the carrot nose on!

They also got the tobbogan out and cruised around on the sidewalk for a bit. George shoveled the driveway while Kyle threw snowballs at him! They were out there for ages and soaked by the time they did come in. I got them both a hot chocolate - new for Kyle! He's sure happy about all the snow and after all of that exercise, he went to sleep rather quickly this afternoon too!

Nathan didn't get out in the snow yet since he was having his nap while the boys were out earlier. I did dig out snowpants for him though and now I just have to find the boots!

We did manage to get out and get our grocery shopping done. The roads aren't too bad since we're really on a fairly main road and the roads going up there weren't bad either. The lot hadn't been done though and there were people complaining. The snow hadn't seemed to stop people from getting out to do their shopping since the store was quite busy. George did have to do a little dig out when we got home though since the car didn't want to drive into the driveway very easily.

I'm supposed to take the boys to Nathan's music class tomorrow, but if it doesn't get any better or gets worse, we may just be staying at home. Have to wait and see..


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Almost a year ago already...

Just scrapped this layout from Christmas last year and was having a hard time believing this was already that long ago! Seems like I just had Nathan! Nathan would have been born about three weeks after this and Sophia was born in April. The one and only time Tracy and I will be pregnant at the same time, but it was a great experience. And it's been wonderful being off at the same time on mat leave as we've sure spent a lot of time together. The great thing is that you don't feel like your house has to be perfect if it's just your sister coming over! It'll be fun for the kids to be able to grow up together too since Tracy, Brian and Sophia are so close.

This year, Christmas will be totally different with the three kids around! It took us long enough to do presents last year, so I can only imagine how long this year'll take. Kyle should be faster this year anyway. It'll be fun to see Nathan crawling around in the paper and packages.

We'll see how the tree does too since Nathan is pulling himself up on everything and is into exploring everything. I'm not sure how we're going to keep him away from it and that may be incentive to put it up a little later though not if Kyle has anything to say about that!


Friday, November 24, 2006

The tree TODAY Mummy??

OK, this has become Kyle's daily question. No, actually about a hundred times a day! Now, I'm excited about Christmas too, but it's a little early for the tree. I think it's mostly because when we're out, he sees them everywhere. I don't think me showing him this picture from last year along with some others of us decorating the tree helped either. We've sort of told him we need to go see Santa and have his picture taken before we can put up the tree to try and hold him off a little, but we'll see how long that lasts!

Had a very nice lunch today with Grant and Carolyn from work. Went down to have a chat with them and had a very yummy lunch at this Indian place a couple of blocks from work. I had dropped the boys off at Grandma and Opa's, so it was very leisurely for me. Nice to go have a good visit and a nice quiet lunch out. I'm going to do very well this weekend with lunch out today and dinner out tomorrow night with the 3 other couples from my mum's group that I met when I had Kyle. Then, we may be going to the city Christmas dinner for George's work too next weekend! That time of year!

Anyway, it'll be nice to have a couple of days with George home again though the weekends always go too quickly. Seems like there's always so much to do and never enough hours to do it in. Good thing I've given up some of my perfectionist tendencies!! Guess that's one thing that's changed since I had the boys!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Picture Pick Up

Well, the boys and I met Tracy and Sophia at the mall to pick up our pictures today. I like the one of the boys despite the fact that Kyle is playing with his pants! The family one is OK too though I have a funny smile like I'm in the middle of saying something. The photographer was running late and Nathan had about had it by the time we started, so we didn't have too many taken before he was completely done! What a change since the family one we had done in February when Nathan was only a month old!

I also got some Christmas Shopping done tonight. Not too much to do this year since we've cut way back and that actually makes what needs to be done quite enjoyable! I went up to the mall and did a bunch all in one go. It's not finished, but I put a good dent in it. Had my first Starbucks eggnog latte of the season too and I did think of you Julie and wished you were here to share one with me!

Well, guess I's better be off to bed too since everyone else around here is tucked in! Night...


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas is in the Air

OK, I admit that it's even a little early for me since I generally hold off until the beginning of December to start the Christmas music, but I couldn't fight it any longer! I got out the Christmas CDs and put on my first one - Elvis, of course! I now have a not too bad collection of Christmas music since I started getting myself a CD a year a while back. My collection is very eclectic! From 98 Degrees to Neil Diamond to LoneStar to Luther Vandross!

I really do love Christmas and this time of the year! We've cut way back on the whole gifting thing and that makes it even more enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to Saturday since we're getting together for our "holiday dinner" with three other couples that I met through my mum's group after Kyle was born. It'll be the first year we've gotten together without the kids, but 4 families with 2 kids each and all of them under 3 and a half is just too much! It'll actually be the first time we've gotten together just as adults for that matter! Nana and Grandpa are coming, so the boys'll have fun too!

Made a quick stop at Tim's today for my half french Vanilla and half coffee to find that they've changed to the holiday cups! Another sign of the season! Now I just need to get to Starbucks for my annual eggnog latte. I always think of Julie in Australia when I do since I got her hooked on them when she lived here and now she can't get them!! I'll have one for you Jules!

Well, better run and get some things done while the boys are napping sicne Nathan should be up soon!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cyber Crop!

OK, this is so cool! I was poking around at 2Peas (scrapping website) and found this online weekend cyber crop. Thay're doing some fun challenges and there are prizes. Since it's going to be a rainy weekend, I think I'll do some of this as well as some planning for my scrapping retreat next weekend!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I actually scrapped myself!

Well, I spend pretty much all of my scrapbooking time doing either family layouts or, more likely, layouts for the boys' books. I love doing these, but am also periodically reminded that I should be doing some layouts about myself. So...as a result, I got out some pink paper (something I rarely use!) and did this layout about things I love! I had to get out my camera and tripod and use the timer to get a picture of myself to use since the only ones of me have one or both of the boys as well!! Did you know I loved these things??


Brotherly Love

It really is fun to see the boys playing more all the time and watching their excitement as the other responds to them. Kyle loves trying to make Nathan laugh and playing peek a boo with him. Nathan seems to be constantly trying to watch whatever it is that Kyle's doing and I can only imagine him following Kyle around once he starts walking. Kyle is always asking to hold Nathan on the sofa and then wants me to take pictures. He's been asking me this since we brought Nathan home and, let me tell you, I have a lot of pictures of them on the sofa!

I love seeing them interact and it makes me really happy to think about them having a relationship like Tracy and I have. I know it'll be different because they're boys and that they won't always get along, but I hope they're always there for each other as they get older.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Nathan's New Trick

This is what I now walk into every time I go to get Nathan out of bed. He's pulling himself up on everything and pretty much always stands in the crib after he wakes up. The only thing is that he also does this when you put him to bed and he's tired, so we usually have to go in and lay him down a couple of times before he'll fall asleep! His crib is still in our room at the end of the bed (though we seem to have been trying to get the boys rooms sorted out for weeks now!) and it's quite funny to wake up to him standing and bouncing around in the crib.


Friday, November 03, 2006

From the mouths of babes

Mummy, he went to Save-On too to get that flower!

This is what Kyle immediately said when he saw a poppy on someone. I turned on the news for a second to watch the weather report and Mark Madryga was wearing a poppy. Well, Tracy and I had gotten them at Save-On recently, so when Kyle saw the one on TV, Kyle immediately assumed that he had done the same thing. It's funny to look at things like a kid and realize that it totally makes sense. Why would he think anything else since that's what he knows! The funniest part is that every time Kyle sees one of the reporters wearing one, he says the same thing!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

My life on a table?

I had to laugh when I looked at this table the other day. I was sitting feeding Nathan and this table is beside Nathan's high chair. It's one that Kyle sometimes sits at, but it also seems to collect general stuff too.

So, on the table, there are flyers for a furnace guy since we need ours cleaned. There are cloths, bibs and a plate and spoon from feeding Nathan. There are also Nathan's snacks and leftover yogurt containers from both Kyle and Nathan. There are Kyle's new scissors we got him to teach him how to use. He and Daddy were doing some Halloween decorations with them, so there's also tape on the table from that. Of course, there are the regular crayons (in the pumpkin bucket) and paper that are on the table for Kyle's creative endeavours. There's also a take-out menu for a Chinese food place near us that we've been talking about trying forever and never have. Funny that these things sort of sum up my day to day life these days! Not sad about that in the least.

I'm not saying that there aren't days that I miss work and being around more people, especially considering the social type of job I have, but there really isn't anything better that being able to spend my time with the boys. They both seem to be changing so quickly. If only we could get rid of these colds we've got again and get out and do a few things to help keep all of us sane!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Hangover

All the kids looked so cute!

OK, so Halloween didn't exactly go as planned around here since the boys have had colds. Kyle has to miss his Kindermusik class where the kids all dress up and there was a mum's group Halloween party yesterday that I was supposed to take the kids to that we missed as well. We did manage to get out for some trick or treating last night though and all of these pictures were taken at Tracy's. Mum was staying there since dad was out of town, so she got to see the kids in the costumes she made (for Kyle and Sophia) as well.

It's always rushed after George gets home since the kids start coming shortly after that. He didn't get all his stuff out like he wanted, but he did get some out. There were some kids that came by that said they remembered the house and were asking me about some of the other decorations we had. I know George likes doing it, so hopefully we'll be able to get out more next year again!

Since Tracy is in a good area for trick or treating, I took the boys over there and we did some trick or treating and Tracy was able to take Sophia to some of her neighbours. I wasn't sure how Kyle would do since he was so not into it last year, but he had a really good time. I think he was more into the knocking on doors and walking around looking at things than the candy though. He did want a piece by the time we came home!

After a bit of walking around, Sophia wasn't very happy (made because of cold hands since it was pretty chilly), so they went home and we stopped at a few more houses before going back. By the time we got to Tracy and Brian's again, it was time to get going and get my little Teddy Bear Nathan to bed. He was really good while we were out and had fun just looking around at everything. We went through drive-thru for something to eat and then headed home. George and Kyle still wanted to go to a house around here though that Kyle calls the "Santa house" since Santa was there on Christmas eve last year. They really decorate their house for Halloween and Christmas! I think it was fun for George to be able to take Kyle out for a little trick or treating too even though they only did a few houses. When they got to the house they really wanted to see, there was some scary music that Kyle wasn't too keen on, so George had to carry him to the door to get by where the music was playing. He got a whole little bag full of goodies though!

I had to laugh at Kyle this morning! He was much more interested in the candy and has asked me about a hundred times if he can have something, but I told him he had to wait until lunch. He kept asking, so I told him not to ask anymore and he could have something with lunch. He's now stopped asking about the candy, but keeps asking if it's lunchtime!

We decided to pop over to Tracy's again this morning with some Tim Horton's treats and to have a little visit. Kyle wanted to put on his costume again and go trick or treating! I've told him that he has to wait until next year, but I'm not so sure he gets that. I told him that Christmas was next, but now I wonder if he thinks it's next week or something! We'll have to get out the calendar and show him. George and I were talking about getting an advent calendar for him this year and that might help once December comes. Hard to believe I had to flip the calendar over to November already this morning, but I have to say that I do love this time of year and especially when it's been sunny like it has the last few days. It's been really cold (minus 2 or 3 overnight), but gorgeous during the day.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I told Kyle we could play the "spinner game" (aka Snakes and Ladders), so I'd better go play!