Friday, August 31, 2007

The word is out!

There's going to be a week long cyber crop at Scrapperie coming up full of fun and games as well as lots of scrapping! Come and find some mojo at the Fall Flourish Crop! I'll pass on details as they come! Hope to see you there!


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have a SECRET...

There's something fun on it's way at Scrapperie... I can't tell what's going on yet, but come back because I'll be giving details as soon as I can!!


PS Don't forget about the blog candy post a couple of posts down! You can enter until midnight Friday the 31st!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early morning

These darling "big" boys are mine the other day when I mentioned they had been cuddling on the sofa. I hadn't had time to post the pictures then, but when I look at these, I can't help but think of how much they're changing and growing these days. I really do love that they're playing together more and they have fun together! It's not always without tears, but that's all part of having a sibling! Learning to play!

We had an early morning this morning as we all got up to take George to work. We were out of the house at 6am and on the road. The boys woke up on their own, but Nathan just grabbed his blankie and dragged me into his room at 8am and said "Ni Ni" which means he wants to go back to bed!

We needed the car because we're going to Kyle's preschool "coffee party". It's a meet and greet thing for the kids and mums. I can also take Nathan so that makes things easier and it worked out well that I don't have Sophia today! I thought the party was at the preschool and we were just going to walk, but it's at someone's house and it's too far to walk there! Kyle is REALLY looking forward to this and is very excited to meet some of the other kids. Every day he asked if school starts today!

Other than that, there's not too much going on today! Both the boys will probably nap this afternoon after getting up early and that'll give me time to get ready for work this evening! It'll be a fun one with going to pick up George from work, dropping them all off here and then heading right out for work. There just wasn't any other way to do it though since we need to go to this party this morning and we need the car to get there. Only 4 hours tonight and I'm sure there'll be more goodies out, so I can't wait to see what's there!

I have a project that I'm hoping to get done this weekend sometime too. I want to make a book for all of Kyle's preschool stuff that he brings home by using an idea in the most recent issue of Simple Scrapbooks that uses 10 10X13 envelopes to make the book. Here's a sample album by Donna Downey, Huntersville, NC and the "how-to" is also in the link:

I have everything I need to do it now and just need to get on it and do it! Think this'll be really cute and help me keep all the papers and stuff he brings home organized. I want to put a picture of him on the envelope for each month! Going to be fun!

Well, better go get ready while Nathan is in bed!!

PS Don't forget about the blog candy a couple of posts down if you haven't put your name in for it...taking names until Friday at midnight - tell your friends!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What a response to my blog candy! It's fun to see what everyone is interested in in the way of kits. Looks like a lot of people have Christmas on the brain already! Please make sure you leave a name (and preferably e-mail) if you're posting anonymously because I have a couple of responses without names!! Feel free to add your name to the list in the previous post because I'm not picking until I got home on Friday night after work (and I work until midnight at my lss!). Thanks everyone for the congrats too! I've very excited about this and can't wait to get started!

Now, as a result of all this craziness on my blog here, I'm also over 5000 posts and I said I'd do some more blog candy when that happened, so keep your eyes peeled in the next day or two for that as well!

Now, what else was I going to blog about today?? Oh, I know...our day yesterday. I don't have my niece, Sophia, to take care of this week since Tracy and Brian are off and camping! Oh, before I go any further, I need to wish them a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY because it was yesterday. Hope you guys had a wonderful day!

Since I didn't have Sophia, George decided to take an extra day off work so we could have an extra day together. We went up to the park and had lots of fun!

The kids played in the play area and Kyle was on that huge red swing and they were on all of the teeter totters! Of course, Nathan still tries to get off mid-ride though so someone has to watch him fairly closely! One of the first things he was drawn towards was an old cup with a lid and straw too of course! There's a water park there, but we hadn't taken stuff for the kids to play in it because it wasn't really that warm and we wanted to have a play and go for a walk.

The first couple of pictures are from a new little story area they've made and the kids had fun sitting in there. I sat in the chair first and Kyle told me I needed to tell a story, so I did, but I left things in the story for him to fill in. Then, he got in the chair and told his story! A little girl came up after and wanted to sit there, but he told her she it was her turn to tell a story if she was going to sit there!

I also got the picture of the butterfly because this was the first day that Nathan had noticed them. The funny thing was that once he did, he kept trying to follow them around and they'd keep flying away! Cute!

Now this little beauty was dinner last night! We went and bought the shells though we do sometimes make our own dough too. We didn't get started until too late, so we bought them. Mine had a little sauce, thinly sliced tomato, fresh basil from the garden and feta and a little mozzarella! Simply fantastic! Think I could eat that every night!!

This is the layout I did one the weekend with pictures from the weekend. As I previously posted, George and Kyle slept outside on the weekend and I was chatting to Sandi and Christina at Scrapperie and they triple dog dared me to get these pictures scrapped by Sunday night, so I did! I'm always up for a challenge! The layout was based on a sketch in Becky Higgins first Creative Sketches book. Thanks for the challenge ladies!

Then, I used the scraps that were left on my desk and made these cards as well. I tend to do that a lot these days. Had fun with the cupcake on the first one because it's actually got Liquid Applique on it and the cupcake part is puffy! Fun!

I think that's more than enough for now! Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Celebratory BLOG CANDY!

OK, in celebration of my new DT position and becoming a "Tres Chic Girl", I'm going to do a little random giveaway and I'm going to make it easy for you! All you need to do is go on over to Scrapperie and have a look at all the overstock kits in the Boutique and leave me a comment and tell me which two are your favs! You never could be on it's way to you sometime soon! This will be open until Friday (the 31st) midnight! Come on over and check out the site and all the talented ladies and fabulous kits!


Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm soooooooooo excited to announce that I've made my first design team at Scrapperie!!! You'll be seeing my DT work posted there in upcoming months and I'm looking forward to working with a wonderful group of amazingly talented women!!! The three other design team members are Angie4b1g (Angie), Creativemess (Angela) and Jscraps4u (Janet). There are also going to be some amazing guest designers over the next few months because of the number of unbelievable scrappers that applied for the team! Come check it out!
Thanks so much Sandi for choosing me! **If you could only see me bouncing off the walls!!**

Work day...

Most people are off today and though it would be nice to stay home with my boys, going to work at my lss, Precious Memories, is actually quite a bit of fun too! The new CHA stuff has been coming in and we have the fun of opening all the boxes and putting it out - it's like an early Christmas for a scrapbooker!

I managed to get this quick layout done yesterday and it was inspired by a layout in the May/June issue of Simple Scrapbooks (pg 23). These were some pictures that I took of the kids after we came home from preschool and had a very wet walk. The best part was that I'd blogged about it at the time and had all my journaling basically done! There's more journaling that's hidden on the layout as well simply because there was too much of it - the details!

I posted the other day that the boys has been cuddling on the sofa on Friday morning and these are the pictures I got. The lighting isn't the best, but they're still cute and I'm glad they've been getting along so well and playing together more and more.

Well, better be off to work here! Have a great day!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Backyard Buddies

Well, you can see what George and Kyle did last night! We have unfortunately not been camping this year and it doesn't look like it's going to happen either. I can't remember the last summer when I haven't camped!! Anyway, George got out the tent and Kyle got his "checklist" of everything they needed and they were off. We were surprised that Kyle actually asked to go to bed because he was tired and was OK about going to bed in the tent by himself so that George didn't have to go to bed at 8pm!

I didn't get any pictures last night, but was out there first thing thing this morning - before 7am! Kyle phoned me (from George's cell) at about 6:45am and I was already awake because I'd heard Nathan playing in his crib. He called to tell me he was having fun camping and to tell me he loved me! I called back and he answered, so I asked if I could come and take some pictures and he was all good with that! After doing that, he came in and asked if he could have a "bedtime snack" because he wanted to eat in bed in the tent! So cute he is! I came in and got Nathan up and took him out to play in the tent for a bit too and he loved that. Next year, he'll be able to sleep out there with them!

I ended up having a bust and somewhat crazy day yesterday! I got up early and got the kids up so we could take George to work so that I could have the car. We came home and Kyle was playing and Nathan was napping while I got ready to go out for lunch with friends. I was almost done when the fire alarm (yes, the crazy loud Brinks one) went off and scared the *(%(#* out of the kids! I shut it off and cancelled the alarm so that the fire dept. wouldn't come and then it went off again REALLY scaring the kids, so I had to shut it off again. I called Brinks and they're sending someone out to check it Tuesday because this happened before too and there's really no fire! Since the kids were so freaked out, I quickly finished getting ready and we left early to go to George's parents.

As we were almost there, I then had the horrible thought that I might have left the coffee on! I pretty much always shut it off right after getting my coffee, but with all the morning chaos, I couldn't remember. I decided that since I had the time, I'd better drop the kids off and come home and check. I did and,m of course, the coffee was off, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about it all through lunch!

Went for lunch with Grant and Carolyn (my old bosses at Modus). It's been ages since I'd seen them and Grant starts a new job next week and is going to be busier, so it was good timing. We went to Las Margaritas and had a really great chat/catch-up and a good lunch to go with it. It was nice to go out without the kids for a change too since it doesn't happen as often as maybe it should sometimes.

Rushed off to pick up the kids and then go and get George. Found out that Nathan wouldn't nap in the playpen. Apparently he'd heard a car alarm not long before his nap time and that freaked him out all over again after the house alarm in the morning. Nathan ended up sleeping for about an hour being cuddled by his Opa!! He was awake when I got there, but kyle was still sleeping and he's a hard one to wake up, but we managed it! We ended up being a little late to get George, but got him too and headed off home. It really was a fun day despite all the craziness too!

Well, I also did my weigh-in yesterday and I was down .5! I'm not going to complain because it was down though I was hoping for a little more. I admit to stepping on the scale the day before and being down 2lbs, but that was then and not my weigh-in day, so who knows and just have to work at more for the coming week. The important thing is that it was down! I think it may be a little "whoa Nelly - what are you doing to me??" on the part of my body after last week as well and I'm still down 7lbs in 2 weeks, so it's all good!! Didn't write everything down yesterday, but didn't do too badly even with eating out and I just need to start writing things down again!

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~ What are your crafting plans for today?
Well, I'm hoping to get the pictures above scrapped either today or tomorrow! I have a few challenges on the go too that I'd like to get to! (see question below too!)

Today's Scrapperie Blogger Topic: What has inspired you to create lately?
I have thankfully been finding inspiration all over the place these days and I have a million ideas going around in my head, but need to get at some of them! I really want to do a book for Kyle's pre-school stuff that I saw in the most recent Simple Scrapbooks Magazine that uses 10X13 envelopes in it! I have them, but not everything I need to do it, so maybe I can get the other stuff this weekend!

Better be off and get some other stuff done here this morning too since I'm actually not working today! We have a bbq to go to later that is being hosted by one of the guys that George works with, so I hope the weather holds out!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting so big!

These pictures just make me laugh! Every time I want to take a picture of Nathan now he has to be right up in the camera and is usually running at me, so I get a blur rather than a picture. This was in his high chair, so at least I knew how far I could be away to stay out of his reach - well, almost since I ended up with a little oatmeal on the side of my camera in the end!

Nathan and Kyle are always playing together these days and whatever Kyle is doing is what Nathan wants to be doing. This only creates problems when Kyle is, of course, doing something that Nathan simply can't because of his size/age! You'll see that Kyle is the same about Nathan! He wants to be in every picture with him and this morning wanted to cuddle with him on the sofa after Nathan got up. (I'll have to post those pictures later!) They're quite the funny pair these days that's for sure!

Nathan is talking up a storm these days and melted my heart a couple of days ago. He'd just gotten up from his nap and I was giving him a cuddle and he gave me a big kiss (which now also comes with the kissing sound effects - *MMMMMA*). I said "I love you" after and he said "Wuve you". Melted my heart then and there as it's the first time he's said it.

We had another milestone word on a good today today as well. Mum and dad are coming to visit today and Grandpa is going to be very happy and proud when he hears both Nathan and Sophia saying "Bampa". Kyle and I were trying to get Nathan to say it this morning and right after he did, so did Sophia! At least I haven't heard her say it before anyway!

He's quite the going concern and very communicative about things even when he doesn't know the word. He points and gestures and will even grad your hand and take you over to something. His latest thing is that he wants to pull all the doors shut, but you have to hold him for him to be able to do it since he isn't tall enough to reach the doorknobs yet - that'll be soon enough though!

He absolutely loves airplanes and has to tell us whenever there's one going over the house (and it's fairly often!). Books are his other big thing these days and he's forever bringing you one to read to him. Loves being outside just like Kyle does too and the two of them would be in the backyard and on the swingset pretty much all day everyday given the choice!

It's amazing that he's already more than a year and a half! Seems like I was just bringing him home from the hospital and I guess it's that much harder this time watching him grow knowing that we're not going to have any more kids. It's always fun to watch them grow and change and to be able to do new things, but also hard to let go of that little baby.

Can't wait to see what you're into next Nathan! And just know your mummy always loves you!

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~ Share one of your fondest memories of a special time with one of your grandparents.
I think for me, staying overnight at my paternal grandparents was always so much fun and brings back so many memories: staying up late and watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island after having to watch Lawrence Welk with my grandma, my grandpa making Kraft Dinner with lots of milk, the little Japanese candy dish they had, running around the house with my sister trying to avoid being tickled by my grandpa... So many fun memories!

Today's Scrapperie Blogger Challenge: Blog about what your next "big" purchase will be.
Honestly, we're not planning any big purchases right now with being on a tighter budget and me not working full-time. Eventually we'd like to get a new truck that we can all ride in rather than the 2-seater one we have now, but that's not going to be in the immediate future!

Well, hope everyone is having a great day and enjoys their evening! Just a little Big Brother watching tonight after my parent's visit and we have dinner! George has to go back to work tonight for a bit, so I'll have the evening to myself to scrap and watch my show. Looking forward to tomorrow as well since I'm going for lunch with Grant and Carolyn (my old bosses at Modus) and I'm dropping the kids of at George's parents' on the way - bonus!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Canuck!!

Call me one happy Canuck as the Vancouver Canucks have resigned Trevor Linden! Can't wait for the new season to start and I'm even more excited now that my favourite player has resigned for another year!!

Today's 2Peas Blogger challenge~
Share how scrapbooking/card making has effected your life in a good way?

I think it's mostly given me a way to be creative and do something fun for myself and by myself! I love working on keeping memories of all the little things that happen to our family and it's already fun to go back and read about them and look at the layouts!

The Scrapperie Blog Topic: Blog about your dream camera!
I guess my dream camera would be a Digital SLR! I can't say I've done a lot of research on them and it wouldn't have to be a professional quality one or anything, but I'd sure love one of those to play with. I love my digital, but I love the freedom I still get from the settings on my 35mm. I'd probably get a Canon or a Pentax since I've had good experience with both. Maybe someday... What about you? What would be your dream camera?

Well, not too much else going on around here. It's pretty grey out, but we'll see if it cooperates enough for us to get out for a walk or maybe a trip to the park if everything's not too wet! I work this evening as well, so a relaxing day doesn't bother me!!

Have a great day all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little break...

Well, took a little blogging break and was trying to spend a little less time at the computer over the last few days. Saturday was busy because I took the card class at work that I think I mentioned in my last post. That was fun and we did 12 cards in the 2 hour class. I worked the afternoon and then came home and did another 10 cards that night!

Tracy and Brian had a reception to go to around the corner from our place, so we watched Sophia while they were there, but my the time I got home from work, she was pretty much ready for bed. Easy night for me! I did my cards after the kids went to bed and then stayed up too later puttering!

Up early Sunday morning with the kids and just had sort of a lazt day. After George got home from his errands, I popped out to work for a bit to get a couple of things I'd been thinking about, but wanted to contemplate (and chack my stash) before getting. It was nice to go out by myself for a bit. Relaxing night at home and watched my summer addiction of Big Brother.

Yesterday was sort of a regular day at home and the only thing was that it rained, so we didn't get out. Guess we're going to have to get used to that again. Kyle's preschool starts again at the beginning of September though so I guess we'll be out to take him to that 3 days a week whether it's raining or not! And for me, that's actually a good thing! I'm not so sure how I'll feel when it starts snowing, but... I do know he's VERY excited about going and ask me daily when he's starting!

I did manage to do a double layout last night too! Was happy to finally get Kyle's second birthday pictures done! Hope to do some more scrapping again tonight too as well as watching BB!

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~ How often do you take time out for you to get pampered?
Honestly, not often enough lately! With me not working full-time anymore, there isn't the money for doing things like a pedicure that I enjoy and used to do for myself. I have to find little things to do for myself like a nice long hot bath - with the door locked!!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm a LOSER!!

Yes, I had my first weigh-in this morning after being back on WW and doing it at home myself. I'm down 6.5lbs my first week!! I know it's not always going to be this easy, but a little incentive in the beginning helps! Just eating better and getting out for some more walking was what did it. I think a lot of that is portion control and not snacking so much! Conscious eating!

Not too much going on today. Nathan is down for his nap and then we'll go for a walk or play outside for a bit. I work later on tonight (until midnight!), so I might even see if I can nap later when the boys do since I've been awake since about 5ish when Kyle came in our room and got in bed with us. We'll see about doing a little scrapping, but I'm not sure!

I'm doing a card class before my shift tomorrow if it's not full though. It's called A Year of Greetings and has a little of everything. Looking forward to it. One of the perks of working at the store!

Today's 2 Peas Blogger Challenge~ Do you feel more creative in the morning or evenings?
I'm definitely an evening scrapper! I can't do much in the morning with the kids around anyway, but also not very creative then. The problem is that I could stay up all night doing it, but then the kids are up early!!

Today's Scrapperie Blogger Topic: What are your favourite topics to scrap?
Lately I've been having fun scrapping the recent everyday stuff as well as some random memories of when I was a kid! My favs change all the time though too to be honest!

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am thankful...

Well, this was the layout that came out of my appreciative day yesterday! I spent too long on the computer and wasn't going to scrap at all and then I decided just to start. Well, I let go of all my perfectionist tendencies and this is what happened - no second guessing, no playing with the details, just a fun layout! This was actually a lift of Marilyn over at TTT and that was part of what made it so quick I think!

Not much going on here this morning. Kyle came in at about 5 am this morning and crawled into bed with us, but didn't go back to sleep, so I think he'll be having a nap today and with any luck, they'll all go down at the same time. Sophia isn't coming until later this morning since Brian is going into work later. Might get out for a walk this morning and do a couple of errands.

Not much else on for the day really. Going to watch Big Brother tonight and hopefully scrap a little more today! There's a full clean dishwasher calling my name too, so I'll have to see to that and a few other things today.

The 2Peas Blogger question:How do you get rid of your stash that you don't need or use anymore?
I honestly have trouble getting rid of mine, but I give stuff to Kyle when I'm done with it since he's into making cards these days. I often use bits of stuff that I can't/won't use on layouts on cards as well. What do you do?

Quote for the day:

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.
- Alphonse Karr

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Wow, I'm not sure why, but this has just turned out to be one of those sort of mellow days when you're thankful for the many things you have in your life. It started off with a great cuddle in bed with Kyle after he wanted to get up before 6am (yikes!) and George suggested he come and cuddle with me. Well, he laid right on top of me and gave me a big bear hug! Not a bad way to wake up really.

Got up and Kyle had some breakfast and I did a couple of things on the computer. Kyle wanted to cuddle on the sofa, so we did that and had a little chat. He just makes me laugh all the time with things he comes out with these days. Nathan got up and had some breakfast too and then we just played around in the living room.

Tracy worked from home today and let Sophia sleep in a bit, so they didn't come over until about 8 - Tim's coffee in hand! Yeah! We had a little visit before she was off to get some work done and we had some more playtime. Nathan had a morning nap and before I knew it, it was lunch!

Sophia went to bed after lunch and the boys and I went outside and played on the swing set and in the sandbox. Kyle asked me to fill up his water gun and then wanted me to shoot him with it as he ran back and forth, but I'm a better shot than he thinks, so he ended up soaked. Think they were both pretty tired by the time they laid down, so everyone's napping for a bit now! Yeah me!

Still have some cards I did the other night that I need to take pictures of and I hope to do a layout or 2 today and I'm feeling inspired!

Quote for the day...
There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.
- Martha Graham

Just seems like one of those days when I've been attuned to the many little things and able to be thankful for all of them! What "little thing" are you thankful for today?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Candy

Look for some upcoming goodies to be sent to someone for having my 5000th blog visitor! Might be a little bit yet, but I'll keep an eye on it! I'll let you know what you need to do!


** Sorry...took down that fab pic because it was a licensed one and though I didn't hear anything from them, I didn't want to either!!

Here's the great picture if you want to have a look!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Monday...

So here it is the beginning of another week already! Sophia was back again today after only being here one day last week since Tracy had a few days off. We had a good day and it started well because I got a fairly good night's sleep other than waking up in the middle of the night to see Kyle in the middle of the bed. I vaguely remember him coming in, but he always gets in on George's side! He apparently had a bad dream and George was too tired to take him back to bed and I don't think I even really woke up when he got in.

After I'd had a bit of morning time to myself, Sophia got her and we all had breakfast and played for a bit. Sophia seemed tired and asked to go for a nap though never actually slept! Nathan had his morning nap and then we all got ready and went for a walk up to the post office. Nice day to get out and it turned out to be warmer than I expected.

Came home, did lunch and it was almost nap time again. Was just about to put Sophia down when she and Nathan were running around the kitchen and she wiped out big time. Scared me as it even sounded hard and I knew she'd fallen face first and I was a little afraid to see her lip/few teeth. She wailed for a second and then I noticed her nose was bleeding. I had the phone in hand and was about to call the nurses' line we have here when she stopped crying and her nose stopped bleeding too thankfully. I checked online to see what they said and apparently it's not that uncommon for nose bleeds when kids bang their nose. She had a red bump on her forehead sort of just up from between her eyes. Poor munchkin. It was fun when she woke up though because the boys were still sleeping and we got a chance to play together! Even with the bonk it was a good day to be honest!

Just having a relaxing evening after making a great dinner of Mediterranean pitas (will try and post fabulous recipe tomorrow!) which we hadn't had in a while. Did the bath thing with the kids, George is watching his show and I just made coffee. Nathan is in bed and Kyle is heading there (after having a long nap today!). Going to watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen in a bit and call it a night I think! Get another good night of sleep for what is hopefully another good day tomorrow!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kyle's perspective...

I should start by saying that Kyle LOOOOOVES taking pictures. When he's not taking real pictures with our digital or a disposable camera that we got him, then he's pretending to take pictures. He does it so often now that other people have commented on it and have told us to make sure he gets a camera - soon! I think Tracy said she might even have her old digi to give to him, but he certainly doesn't know that.

Anyway, he asked if he could take some pictures the other day and this is what he took...

The first is out our front window, the second is obviously of some of his and Nathan's toys and the last one is of his blankie.

The 2Peas Blogger challenge was about a favourite quote and anyone that has been reading my blog at all lately knows I'm very into quotes of late so here's my quote of the day - a fav!

It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
- Somerset Maugham

I managed to spend some time at my scrapping table last night and did up 6 cards, but I don't have pictures yet so I'll have to post them later. It's been a busy weekend because I worked Friday night and we set up for the big sale that started yesterday. Then I worked all day yesterday in the frenzy that was our sale and I'm off to work again a little later this morning.

Our annual summer family picnic is later today as well, but because I'm working we, sadly, won't be going. I think this may be the first year that I haven't been (other than the years I was in Japan). It's always a good chance to see everyone and get caught up as well as enjoy a fabulous pot-luck meal!

Guess I'd better get a move on here and do a few things before going to work. George is off grocery shopping with Kyle and Nathan is down for his morning nap, so I actually have a few minutes of quiet to enjoy!

Have a great day!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Time for Changes...

I'm so very lucky to have all the things in my life that I do and there's really only one thing that regularly haunts me and that is my WEIGHT. It's something I've battled most of my life and having two kids has certainly not helped, but it's no longer an excuse either. I need to just start walking the walk and doing what I already know I need to do to be happier and healthier. This isn't going to happen overnight, but I've come to the very real conclusion that it's only going to get worse if I don't actively do something about it. Thinking about it isn't helping!

There are some people in my life that have recently already taken this journey on and I thank them for being motivators in my life. I only hope that we can support one another through the hard times and cheer each other on with our successes.

I'm going to go back to what I know and what's worked for me in the past which is Weight Watchers. I have all the stuff, so I'm going to get started on my own. I actually did my own weigh in this morning as much as I didn't want to. I have trouble getting to meetings and they're expensive, so I might try it online for 3 months depending on how things go for the next bit.

It's about the big picture here in that I just want to be happier and healthier. I want to be able to run around and play with the boys and not be tired. I want to wear a smaller size. I want to shop in a regular store. I want to be a good role model. I want to enjoy every day even more than I do now without thinking about my weight. I want to get to a point where I can enjoy food and not be thinking about it constantly.

I've started this journey before and have had success, so I just need to keep doing it. This is a layout I did before about the reasons why I need to do this...

So many reasons to do it and not many not too!
And my quote for the day...
Frank Lloyd Wright:
I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

OK, there it is in black and white, so now it's a matter of action and consistency!
Cheers and have a healthy day,