Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Canuck!!

Call me one happy Canuck as the Vancouver Canucks have resigned Trevor Linden! Can't wait for the new season to start and I'm even more excited now that my favourite player has resigned for another year!!

Today's 2Peas Blogger challenge~
Share how scrapbooking/card making has effected your life in a good way?

I think it's mostly given me a way to be creative and do something fun for myself and by myself! I love working on keeping memories of all the little things that happen to our family and it's already fun to go back and read about them and look at the layouts!

The Scrapperie Blog Topic: Blog about your dream camera!
I guess my dream camera would be a Digital SLR! I can't say I've done a lot of research on them and it wouldn't have to be a professional quality one or anything, but I'd sure love one of those to play with. I love my digital, but I love the freedom I still get from the settings on my 35mm. I'd probably get a Canon or a Pentax since I've had good experience with both. Maybe someday... What about you? What would be your dream camera?

Well, not too much else going on around here. It's pretty grey out, but we'll see if it cooperates enough for us to get out for a walk or maybe a trip to the park if everything's not too wet! I work this evening as well, so a relaxing day doesn't bother me!!

Have a great day all!


EquineSpirit said...

Great entry!!

Jan said...

digital SLR was my dream camera too!

milkcan said...

I totally agree with your "how scrapbooking has been good" answer. I feel that way too!

Lynn said...

I'm dying for a digital SLR either a Canon Rebel or a Pentax (I love them both and have had great experiences with them also). Maybe one day soon I will be able to add that to my list of things to get. Right now finances are a little tight.
I also agree with your "how scrapbooking has been good" answer. Its something I can do by myself and no kids! lol

Tracy said...


toners said...

Great post :) I especially like your writing about how scrapbooking has affected your life. Regarding cameras, I have the Canon Digi Rebel and love it! I still have a lot to learn, but am getting there - slowly!

mum on the run said...

I'd love an SLR camera too, I'm working on my DH, LOL!!

Joƫlle said...

Catching up on your blog, now we're back from holidays.

I must admit I was the very spoiled recepient of the Canon Rebel XT digital camera from my DH at Christmas two years ago. It was a complete surprise - we'd been talking about getting it the previous summer, but with me being involved in the CBC lockout, had decided to wait until after Jacques was born... We decided on the Canon because I already had a few lenses that were adaptable to the Rebel XT - and because I wouldn't go to digital with anything less than an SLR type camera (I know - spoiled!) Anyway, all that to say it was my dream camera and I was thrilled to get it before Jacques was born!!!