Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Bo Bunny and an ICS Sketch!

OK, so I changed lines, but I'm still playing with Bo Bunny papers!  Got out some of the new Gabrielle and created this card using the new ICS#108 Sketch.  Go check it out!  Love the colours of this line and all the "texture" in the print.  The new Spellbinders Ribbon Banners I got were perfect for this!

Had a great day yesterday and though I wasn't out that much other than for my walk, I got a lot done!  I have a list a mile long, so it's a good thing too.  Hoping today is the same though I did stop for the above creative break while George and Kyle were at the dump and the other kids were playing in Nathan's bedroom.  Well, not sure if they were playing or just arguing about how/what to play, but whatever!

Hope the rest of your day is fun!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday again... But another card!

Where does the weekend go?! I swear it was just Friday night and I was heading off to work and here we are at Monday morning again already!

I did get a chance to get inspired again this morning and had fun playing with the new CardPatterns sketch 108.  You should go check out all the amazing cards!  I decided to continue with the new Bo Bunny Ad Lib that was sitting on my table.  I think this may be the most I've ever used something after just getting it and the only thing not from this line were the Prima flowers I had in my stash!

We did have a good weekend and it's the beginning of a week off for George as well!

On Saturday, I went up to my WW meeting this morning to find out I was up less that I thought - 0.8! Thought it was closer to 3, so I'll take it, especially now that I seem to be back on track here FINALLY!

Came home and took Kyle to karate and then we all went out for a bit. Headed over to New West to the Quay since we got something saying it was open again now afer the renos, but there's only a grocery store (oragnicish), a tea shop, one other little shop and some circus training center. Nothing else is open... So weird that after more than 2 years, that's it - not even a coffee shop! Anyway, after a little walk there, we went over to Army and Navy to look for pjs for the kids and found some for Kyle, but of course, it's Nathan that needs them even more! Stopped at Children's place on the way home and found him a pair for 40% off too!

I went for a walk after coming home and the boys played their new Star Wars Lego game. Had dinner at home and then went out for a bit of a drive and a stop at Krispy Kreme. Then I was the one that played Zuma Blitz (computer game) for a while and we went to bed early - 10!  I ended up sleeping for over 9 hours I think!

Sunday wasn't too eventful really since I went to work.  I'm starting a bit of a creative project for a friend of my boss', so she popped in for a second so we could chat about it.  I came home and did some research for it online as well.  Had trouble getting to sleep as a result though thinking about it!

Sophia and Matthew still aren't 100%, so we're having a sort of chill day today.  George took Kyle and whipped over to his parents to get the dolly for moving the washing machine and dryer...  not here yet, but hoping soon!  I need to get out for my walk for sure and get some creative stuff done.  Just glad the sun it out for a bit!

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Might be a Record!

Another card!  3 days in a row!  And another one I just got to play with!  Once again used the bits on my desk of the Bo Bunny Ad Lib that I've been playing with the last few days.  This was honestly a pretty quick and easy one since I used the CPS sketch for this week as inspiration.

We got a bunch of buttons in at work lately and they're sure priced right, so I got a bunch and was able to play with those on this card today too.  It was a matter of deciding which colour to use!

The boys have been more than a little excited about the new Lego Star Wars game they got for the Wii!  I sent them outside for a while yesterday, but they were chopping at the bit again as soon as they came in.  I told them they could play for a bit before I went to work, so there they were...  I love the look of concentration on Kyle's face and how relaxed Nathan is - doesn't even bother to sit up to play! 

I taught last night and had lots of fun!  It was more than a full class and I had people on the wait list still.  I just never know which ones are going to sell out like that (and quickly!) and which ones aren't.  So very hard to predict!  I have about a week now before I teach again, but have lots of class related stuff to work on for sure...

It's been a fairly quiet morning and feels weird because I've only got 3 this morning.  Poor little Matt-man has been sick this week and wasn't good this morning, so Trace was trying to get him in to see the dr this morning.  We had to get Kyle to the orthodontist since the button and elastic on the back tooth they're trying to straighten out had come off.  Didn't take long to get him in there and get it done, but we had to go!  Stopped for a Starbucks on the way home and the kids are just playing.  Not a great day again today, but might see about the park later if the rain doesn't start.

George went and finally bought a washing machine last night.  Left work a few minutes early so he could get to Trail Appliances before it closed.  They have a sale on he's been waiting for and he did get something.  I'm very thankful he got a pair, so we'll be getting a new washing machine and dryer!!  The bad news is that we have to wait a week to a week and a half to get it.  And for whatever reason, he decided not to have it delivered, so we have to go pick it up!  Booooo...  We'll see, maybe I can change his mind about that!

Well, better run and get a few things done!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another card!

Yes, can you believe it?!  Two days in a row that I not only posted, but made cards for me!  And it's another Bo Bunny Ad Lib line one since everything was sitting on my table for it!  Used a sketch from Inspirational Card Sketches and here it is...

Had a bit of a rough day yesterday with the kids and was wishing spring break was over already!  Just lots of usual kid craziness and some not very good listening along with the bad weather made for a bit much for me!  The kids did manage to play outside for a while between rainstorms and I managed to get out for a walk at the end of the day.
Kyle had karate still, so he went to that and we picked up pizza after!

After dinner the kids and I went to Toys R Us with the gift card I'd been saving since Christmas from their Uncle Scott and Auntie Toni.  I did the same thing last year and saved it for spring break and was happy I had again!  They were excited about being able to get the new Star Wars Lego game for the Wii that was released yesterday!  They came home and played a bit before calling it a night.  I told Kyle no getting up before 6:30, so when I asked him what time he got up (to work on building the other actual Lego they got), he said 6:35!  He's soooo funny!  They had the Hero Factory and Ninjago Lego built already by the time I got up an hour or so later...

Had a relaxing morning with Sophia and Matthew at the dentist.  They didn't get here until about 9:30 and I'd had my coffee and was showered and dressed already.  Not sure what we'lll get up to, but it's a beautiful day!  They'll be outside for a while if nothing else though Matthew still isn't 100%.  I know Kyle and Nathan would like to play Wii all day now, but that's not going to happen!

I have a class to teach tonight and that's about it for me.  I'm bummed because there hasn't been a Canucks game for 5 days and now they play tonight when I have class and Friday night when I work! 

Well, better go see what I can get done!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Card Times Two!

Yeah!  I had a little creative time of my own yesterday!  I decided to do something I rarely seem to have time for these days and that's to play with some new goodies.  The lss I work in had a big sale on the weekend and I ended up with some new stuff though it's not like I need it in any way, shape or form!  I figured that since I got it, I'd try using some of it right away!

I pulled out the new goodies I got from the new Bo Bunny Ad Lib line.  I had the 6X6 pad of paper, the 12X12 sheet of stickers, the smaller sheet of birthday type stickers and the gems.  As it turned out, I didn't use the stickers, but had fun with the paper and gems!  I just love the fun and funky colours and prints in the line. 

I was poking around online in the morning and found the new Mojo Monday sketch and decided this would be a fun place to start.  I often end up loving these, but don't often get to try them out when they're current.  I ended up with 2 cards (slightly different) from the same sketch after taking my own advice that I give in classes that it's just as easy to make 2 when you've got everything out!  I also find I make more other kinds of cards and don't have birthday ones when I need them, so this is perfect!

Well, here's hoping this is the beginning of more creativity of my own as well though I do need to get to work on some more class stuff as well!  At least my kits are all ready for my class for tomorrow night and I don't need to think about that.  Now, I just wish the class wasn't the same night as the Canucks game!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!  It's a wet one around here for sure, but that's to be expected of spring break for sure...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday again already...

Yes, it's Friday here again already though I won't say "finally" Friday since I work tonight, teach tomorrow and work again Sunday!  The good thing is that "work" is fun for me, so I certainly can't complain!

Speaking of work...  thought I'd give you another little sneak peak of an upcoming April class!  The layout above is from a layout class that is going to include 2 single page and one double page layout.  The paper are from 3 Bugs and the best part is that the class includes their Caboodle kit (that some of you will know from the Christmas card classes!), so there's tons of paper, stickers, border stickers and die cuts!  And you get to take all the extras home!  Keep your eye out for the new class schedule in the next week or so if you're local!

As for around here today...
- Kyle woke up at about 5am with a sore throat and cough, so he's home for the day
- Kyle has also now said his eyes are itchy and I'm paranoid since pink eye is going around though it doesn't look like anything at this point.  Wait and see...

- spent part of the morning getting caught up with friends in Japan after the horrible 8.9 earthquake/tsunami.  Certainly thinking of everyone there...
- washing machine is apparently officially done!  George checked it out last night after me doing some laundry and smelling something funny.  The motor is going and it's not worth getting fixed, so guess we're shopping tomorrow!  And, of course, I'm knee deep in laundry that needs doing!

- Check out this lovely ensemble from Nathan this morning... a tank top he wore to bed along with his pj bottoms and then my heeled boots, his baseball cap and the Darth Vadar ring he's trying to show off!  Gotta love it!
- chores are calling my name, but, as usual, I don't feel like answering...
- kids are busy doing art and crafting for now, so I'd better go try and get a few more things done!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and make sure to hold those close to you tight!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make a Wish

I've been really enjoying puttering around on other people's blogs lately and seeing all the creativity.  I know I haven't been very good about posting mine, so here's a recent card.  This card is actually one that's going to be in an upcoming April class at work.  It's an accordian card though mine is scored/sized slightly differently than the one in the link.  This class is going to use some new Fiskars birthday stamps and the new Confetti line of papers from American Crafts. 

I'lll try and post a few more creative items in the next while...

Some other things I've been checking out...

- a great article on self-compassion

- the Canucks website for all the latest and greatest hockey news

- this great article about creating change which could apply to so many areas of one's life

- all the lovely creative "work" that my co-worker, Alexis, has been doing!

- the inspiring stuff Ali Edwards has been doing as well as the One Little Word stuff I'm doing for the online class I'm taking.  Need to go look at that again...  and play!

Feeling inspired to do a little creative stuff today, so we'll see if I can find some time!  Going to watch the hockey game tonight as well.  Hoping to just relax a little and think about how to get a little more organized as well.  Wanting to do a huge purge and it's definitely coming (along with some big changes), but more about that another time...


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Around Here...

Was thinking it's been way too long since I blogged (actually have half a post still waiting to be finished!) and saw Ali Edward's blog and got inspired!  So, here I am with a little update!

Around here there's been a lot of self-initiated learning that's going on for Nathan (as seen in the picture above).  He's loving playing with printing now and there was a time I couldn't even get him interested in learning how to do his name.  He also loves his art!

Around here we've had lots of trips to the dentist lately.  George and I have both been for cleanings in the last week as well as Nathan though his trip was a little less successful.  He let the dentist check them, but wouldn't let the hygenist clean...  Another time. 

Around here, Kyle has seen the orthodontist 3 times in 4 weeks as well to get the tooth in the upper back left straightened out.  We can hold off for another 6 weeks now assuming nothing comes lose on his "appliance".

Around here Nathan hasn't thankfully been sick again lately (*fingers crossed) though we did have to take him to the dermatologist to have a few little skin bumps removed from his knee.  Nothing serious by any means, but it can apparetly spread, so it's easier to have them taken off.

Around here there's a lot a lot of thought (stress maybe?) about what's going to happen in September since I won't have Sophia and Matthew here anymore...  Money in certainly a consideration as well as what I want to be when I grow up!

Around here there's been some creative stuff happening, but it's mostly been work related and not enough of my own stuff!

Around here, I've definitely been in purge and organize mode though there don't seem to be enough hours in the day...

Around here, I've been struggling with Weight Watchers bouncing up and down a few pounds for a quite a while now and need to get moving consistently back ina  downward direction again!

Around here I've been thinking about how to get my hands on the Vagabond by Tim Holtz since my very old Zip E Mate is about to give up.

Around here, Kyle has been doing well with karate and is going to be getting his yellow belt at another belt presentation tomorrow night.

Around here, we're looking forward to spring, but the bit of snow that fell this morning was a reminder that it's not here yet.

Well, it's been busy for sure and that's not going to change!  Just need to try and keep up!