Saturday, July 29, 2006

Slow Saturday

It's one of those days when there's not really any urgency to do anything. I like days like this. I'm hoping to get the house a little more picked up today, but there's always tomorrow. I'd also like to do some scrapping, so I hope the boys nap at the same time.

We've been out already this morning though. Ran a few errands - Canadian Tire, Toys R US and Future Shop. George picked up the things he needs to work on his truck. He wants to fix it up before he goes up to Clinton next weekend for an SCA event. I'm going to stay at home with the boys as it's just too much this year for all of us to go. Maybe next year when Nathan is a little bigger. I picked up a birthday gift for a little boy that I goofed on. I bought him a game that I got him last year - DUH! Kept that one for Kyle and got another for the birthday gift. Also picked up more ink for the printer. Mundane things that need to be done, but nice that we can go out and do them all together.

We are planning on going camping soon though. We're going with mum and dad and hoping that Tracy, Brian and Sophia might be able to come up for the weekend too. That'll be fun with the kids. I know Kyle will love it!

I haven't been doing too much scrapping lately as I've been having this horrible allergic reaction to something that's making me itchy! We've been trying to figure out what it is and the only thing I can think it may be is a different kind of Tide we bought. I didn't think it would be the Tide as that's the only thing we buy, but it was a different kind of Tide. I'm now washing all my clothes twice (once without soap) and hoping that'll do the trick!

I did manage to scrap something earlier this week. Mum gave Tracy and I a bunch of pictures of when we were kids.

I love these pics and this one reminds me of family dinners when we used to get dressed up. I know Grandma always liked it when we were a little bit dressed up - at least no jeans!

Well, better be of to get a few things done!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot Hot Days of Summer!!

WOW! I have to say that this heat and I simply do not get along! There's a reason that I came home from Japan before my contract was quite finished years ago - to avoid another hot summer! Sunshine is great, but let's dial down the heat!

With things being in the low to mid 30s here the last few days and it looks like for a couple more, we have been doing everything we can to try and beat the heat. We have a great little park near us that has a water park that Kyle loves, so we've headed down there more often lately!

Kyle loves it down there and I don't have to run around with him anymore. FOr the longest time, he wouldn't go run around by himself, but that's certainly not a problem these days. The hardest thing is getting him out of there sometimes!

Tracy has been down there with us a couple of time lately and she took the pictures. Mum was out visiting on Thursday/Friday too, so she came with us and we made it a family fun day! Kyle has lots of fun showing off and running around trying to soak not only himself, but any other kids he could soak too!

I may be the only one, but I'm looking forward to the called for lower temps and possible rain for Wednesday!! In the meantime, we have fans in every room and throw the kids in a cool bath when it just gets too warm and we want to keep them out of the sun!