Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Counterfeit Kit!

OK, so there's a challenge blog called the Counterfeir Kit Challenge for creating your own scrapbooking kit using another as inspiration.  I've looked at this for ages and thought about trying it, but never had the time (or made the time!).  This morning I decided I wanted to play with my stuff, but was a little lacking in inspiration and thought this new challenge might just do the trick!

Here's my take on this and I got a little carried away and ended up with a BIG kit!  Fun!

Not the best picture for colours and to be able to see prints in detail really, but there are papers from a bunch of different companies and some specialty paper with die cut shapes, a transparency and lace cardstock too!

Got so carried away I needed another picture for the cardstock and add-ons stuff!  It was great to go through some of my stash and find things that would go together and I could really work on using!

You can see the Polka Dot Whimsy inspiration kit HERE!

OK, so now the goal is to actually get some things scrapped using this now that I have it together as well as some pictures developed!  Totally love this idea!


Monday, July 04, 2011

Date Day!

Yes, I had a date today - with Kyle!  It was really wonderful to be able to do something with just him today since it doesn't happen a lot.  I told him that I'd take him to a movie some time as partof his birthday present, so he picked Kung Fu Panda II!

OK, so it's not the best picture, but it's what I got using George's little camera inside the theatre!  You get the idea anyway and we had a great time!

Afterwards, we ran some errands:  stopped and got fruit and veggies at the "veggie store" and picked up pictures at the "picture store".  Love how these names the kids used to use when they were small have just stuck!  I had a bunch of pictures developed so that I can hopefully start some of my own scrapbooking again.

George also blew up the pool again so the kids could spend some time in there this week.  It's finally warmed up a bit, so they might really get the chance.  Nathan was in and out all day and went through 5 changes of clothes I think.  Kyle went in when we got back too and then went for a "bike ride" down the street.  Still trying to get him more confident and thinking we might have to get him into Pedalheads this summer since I've heard good things!

Going to be a quiet week here I think since Sophia and Matthew won't be here and we don't have a car for the week...  Putter around here and take it easy sounds good to me!


PS Anyone local and interested in a card class Wednesday night can check out my previous post!  Lots of extra goodies to take home too - in class or take out kit!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

An Anniversary Card!

This was a card I actually made yesterday since we had a family celebration to go to.  George's family all got together for dinner last night at a restaurant in part to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations to them! 

Along with the anniversary, there were a bunch of family birthdays as well, so it was definitely great to see everyone!  We don't seem to manage it enough to be honest!  We had dinner and then went back to hi parents place to get a few things.  The kids all played for quite a while and the kids were totally done by the time we got home just before 9pm.

I completely enjoyed the first part of the day doing pretty much nothing!  Don't think I even got out of my jammies until about 2 in the afternoon and that's all good with me.  I puttered with the card and a few things around the house, but George took Kyle to karate and that was about the only other thing going on. 

Another great day to the start of the summer holidays...

Today was back to work for me for the first time in a week.  Don't remember the last time that happened as I'm always in Fridays if not for teaching during the week, but there was the holiday this week.  Was actually much busier than I expected on the long weekend and with the nice weather!  Made the day go quite quickly in fact.

George also has the day off tomorrow, so not sure we'll get up to too much, but it'll be nice having him home and spending the day with all my boys!

For anyone local, I'm teaching a card class this Wednesday with the fabulous Bo Bunny AdLib line of paper and you get a full sheet of the 12X12 stickers and a full pad of the 6X6 papers, so you have lots of leftovers!  You can come to class or order a take-out kit if the time doesn't work for you!

Ad Lib from Bo Bunny Card Class
Class Fee: 15.00 Supply Fee: $8.00 *Extra Product
Who wouldn't love the fun, bright colours in these papers?! Not only will you take home your set of cards, but the rest of the 12X12 sticker sheet and your pad of the 6X6 paper as well! You'll be able to go home and make more! All Supplies Included.

Call the store at 604-530-2917 if you're interested!

Have a fabulous week everyone and Happy 4th to all my American friends!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

June in Review!

Yes, I realize it's actually been 2 months since I've really been posting, but we'll start with June and see if  can get a May post done somewhere in there later this month too.  hard to believe the year is half gone!

Our Month in June
- our 9th anniversary was the first

- Kyle had grading for another belt (yellow with black stripe) on the 3rd
- a family day out at the movies (Rio) as a preschool fundraiser

- the Canucks had their amazing fun for the cup!
- Nathan's last class of preschool was on the 6th

- Preschool Graduation for Nathan on the 9th

- Kyle's sports day on the 10th
- Kyle had a birthday party to go to on the 12th (Sela's)

- there was a Kindergarten drop-in for Nathan on the 13th
- Parent Appreciation breakfast at Kyle's school on the 14th

- Nathan had his last preschool interview on the 15th and got his scrapbook!

- there was, of course, the horrible riot in Vancouver after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the cup final...
- I had a couple of extra kids here for childcare (friends) for 4 days this month

- Kyle's birthday party was here, at home, on the 18th with about 6 kids!  Fun camping theme and they "fished" and made S'mores!
- Father's Day was, of course, the 19th though I actually had to work!
- someone hit the truck that was parked on the street and within a week were down to a single vehicle family again since ICBC wrote it off!  :o(
- our last PAC get together was a dinner at Boston Pizza on the 21st

- Kyle was awarded his new belt

- we had a party for mum on the 25th for her 65th birthday!!!
- Kyle was in a local parade with a group of kids from karate
- Kyle had a picnic day on the 27th at school and took cupcakes for his birthday and one of his stuffies as well
- we had to turn the truck in to ICBC on the 27th...

- Kyle got a citizenship award at the assembly on the 28th

- the 29th is Kyle's birthday and was the last day of school too!  Only 90 minutes, so took the kids for ice cream in the afternoon for a treat.  Also went to Denny's for dinner at his request and got a karate themed cake!
- had dinner on the 30th with Maria before she left today to visit family in Sweden!

So, there was all that along with the regular stuff of having Sophia and Matthew, teaching and working at the store and just trying to keep up with things at home! 
It was a crazy month for sure, but one full of fun too looking back!

Here's to hoping for some lazy summer days...

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day 2011!

Wow how time flies!  The last couple of months have been a complete blur, but I think things have finally slowed down a little here and I'm hoping to get some more posting and personal creating done too.

We had a great Canada Day for sure!  Slept in a little and then puttered a bit after getting up.  Got ourselves ready and headed out for the annual celebrations around here before it got too busy!  There was all kinds of fun stuff: crafts, balloons, live music, food, tattoos, face painting, etc!  Spent a couple of hours there before heading back and grabbing some pizza on the way.

We came home and had a relaxing afternoon.  I spent some time ordering pictures online since I'm so far behind in both developing and any kind of scrapping lately it seems.  Have been doing stuff for work, but not personal stuff and I miss it.  I figure pictures are a good place to start.  The boys played video games - all of them!

We had a bbq for dinner and then headed out to the park.  Of course, there was a stop at Starbucks on the way so that the boys could get milk and we could grab a cup of coffee.  Spent a while at the park and manageg to get the boys out of there by telling them we'd come home and roast marshmallows!

George just picked this up after saving enough Save-On pointsto get this for the deck.  It was actually quite fun to sit out there tonight with the fire and roast marshmallows.  It's a self contained propane one and really does give off some heat.  I know where we'll be spending some more time this summer!

Well, better go think about getting some sleep.  Not too much planned for tomorrow really other than Kyle going to karate in the morning.