Monday, July 04, 2011

Date Day!

Yes, I had a date today - with Kyle!  It was really wonderful to be able to do something with just him today since it doesn't happen a lot.  I told him that I'd take him to a movie some time as partof his birthday present, so he picked Kung Fu Panda II!

OK, so it's not the best picture, but it's what I got using George's little camera inside the theatre!  You get the idea anyway and we had a great time!

Afterwards, we ran some errands:  stopped and got fruit and veggies at the "veggie store" and picked up pictures at the "picture store".  Love how these names the kids used to use when they were small have just stuck!  I had a bunch of pictures developed so that I can hopefully start some of my own scrapbooking again.

George also blew up the pool again so the kids could spend some time in there this week.  It's finally warmed up a bit, so they might really get the chance.  Nathan was in and out all day and went through 5 changes of clothes I think.  Kyle went in when we got back too and then went for a "bike ride" down the street.  Still trying to get him more confident and thinking we might have to get him into Pedalheads this summer since I've heard good things!

Going to be a quiet week here I think since Sophia and Matthew won't be here and we don't have a car for the week...  Putter around here and take it easy sounds good to me!


PS Anyone local and interested in a card class Wednesday night can check out my previous post!  Lots of extra goodies to take home too - in class or take out kit!

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Maria said...

Finally some good weather right! (As soon as we left! LOL!) Movie date sounds like a great idea: I might take mine to Cars 2 when we get back home. :)