Saturday, July 02, 2011

June in Review!

Yes, I realize it's actually been 2 months since I've really been posting, but we'll start with June and see if  can get a May post done somewhere in there later this month too.  hard to believe the year is half gone!

Our Month in June
- our 9th anniversary was the first

- Kyle had grading for another belt (yellow with black stripe) on the 3rd
- a family day out at the movies (Rio) as a preschool fundraiser

- the Canucks had their amazing fun for the cup!
- Nathan's last class of preschool was on the 6th

- Preschool Graduation for Nathan on the 9th

- Kyle's sports day on the 10th
- Kyle had a birthday party to go to on the 12th (Sela's)

- there was a Kindergarten drop-in for Nathan on the 13th
- Parent Appreciation breakfast at Kyle's school on the 14th

- Nathan had his last preschool interview on the 15th and got his scrapbook!

- there was, of course, the horrible riot in Vancouver after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the cup final...
- I had a couple of extra kids here for childcare (friends) for 4 days this month

- Kyle's birthday party was here, at home, on the 18th with about 6 kids!  Fun camping theme and they "fished" and made S'mores!
- Father's Day was, of course, the 19th though I actually had to work!
- someone hit the truck that was parked on the street and within a week were down to a single vehicle family again since ICBC wrote it off!  :o(
- our last PAC get together was a dinner at Boston Pizza on the 21st

- Kyle was awarded his new belt

- we had a party for mum on the 25th for her 65th birthday!!!
- Kyle was in a local parade with a group of kids from karate
- Kyle had a picnic day on the 27th at school and took cupcakes for his birthday and one of his stuffies as well
- we had to turn the truck in to ICBC on the 27th...

- Kyle got a citizenship award at the assembly on the 28th

- the 29th is Kyle's birthday and was the last day of school too!  Only 90 minutes, so took the kids for ice cream in the afternoon for a treat.  Also went to Denny's for dinner at his request and got a karate themed cake!
- had dinner on the 30th with Maria before she left today to visit family in Sweden!

So, there was all that along with the regular stuff of having Sophia and Matthew, teaching and working at the store and just trying to keep up with things at home! 
It was a crazy month for sure, but one full of fun too looking back!

Here's to hoping for some lazy summer days...

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