Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Cards!

Another one with Scenic Route paper based on the previous cards I did.

OK, so in my last post, I realized that I needed to make a couple more cards for Nathan's preschool teachers, so I used the same designs and papers in a slightly different way and here are two more Valentine's cards!  Quick and easy!

Nathan and Sophia had their Valentine's party at preschool today and I went a little early to help them hand out their cards.  Things were running behind, but it sure looked like it had been quite the fun day!  They were having snack (a cookie with icing they got to put on and sprinkles) and then went to run around in the gym across the hall before passing out cards and getting going.  Fun! 

Kyle and George were both home again today.  Kyle has a Pro-D today and since he came home early today and they were basically just doing their party today, I decided to keep him home.  George was supposed to be volunteering today, but he wasn't feeling very hot and thought maybe driving around all day (until midnight), might not be the best idea.  This bug has really taken it out of us this week for sure and let's hope next week is better!

Work tomorrow night and, of course, the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics!  Too bad I'm working tomorrow night, but I should be able to see some of it before I go.  I'll be shocked if it's not Wayne Gretzky lighting the cauldron for it!  Have heard little bits and pieces about what'll happen, but they've done a pretty good job of keeping things quiet!  I'm sure it'll be amazing...

Will be watching the season premiere of Survivor tonight (as well as some of the Canucks game!) and then trying to get some sleep!  Don't want to end up sick again from being run down! 

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Couple of Valentine's

OK, so we just can't seem to shake this bug around here.  I'm finally really feeling better, but George and Kyle are still "off".  Kyle was fine yesterday at school and then his teacher called today and said he wasn't feeling well.  He was home for the day about lunchtime and we're keeping him home tomorrow as well. 

This was inspired by a card from Feb 11th in "A Card A Day" by PaperCafts.  Super quick and easy with a sheet of paper from Scenic Route that already has the different strips on it!  The acrylic heart was misted with Apple Red Glimmer Mist.

What that means is that I had to whip up a couple of quick Valentine's cards this afternoon for Kyle's teacher and the teaching assistant in his class so that I could take them up this afternoon along with all the Spongebob ones for his friends!  George is home, so it was easy to do it today and impossible with all the kids tomorrow.

Used the Scenic Route paper again and some Cooredinations cardstock with the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Embossing Folder.

I guess all we're going to be doing around here is trying to get everyone healthy and stay that way!  Kyle is, of course disappointed that he's going to miss his party, but for that reason, he won't miss much in the way of school either.  Friday is a Pro-D, so that'll be the week for him!

Nathan has his Valentine's party at preschool tomorrow too, so I'm sure they'll have a good time!  He needs to get his cards ready and I should do a couple more cards for his teachers!!  Yikes!


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Finally feeling human again...

OK, so it's been a rough couple of days here with me being very sick with the flu!  I drank ginger ale all day yesterday and finally managed to keep a piece of toast down here this morning.  Am still wiped and now have a raging headache, but generally feel a lot better than I did.  So far, the boys don't have it and I hope it stays that way!

Just thought I'd post a few cards I've done recently for different things...

That's definitely all for today because I'm still wiped and need to try and get rid of this crazy headache!  Hope everyone else is healthy!

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Three for Three...

OK, so this is day three of layouts I'm posting!  I'm just happy I have creative stuff to post and the fun part is that there's more to come in the next few days as well! 

This was also done for the Scrapperie Scraplift challenge.  Scrapperie has challenges posted every day - a different challenge for every day of the week!

This was yet another that was also done with bits I had laying around and it came together quickly.  There are products from about eight companies on this one!  It was nice to scrap this one since I don't have as many pictures as I should of the boys and I.  And this really is a little slice of our life - pjs and all!

Nothing unusual going on today really.  Matthew and Sophia should be here shortly and then we'll be getting everyone ready for school.  Some more of the neverending chores as well. Kyle has his hip hop dance class tonight too.  It's a busy night in the sense that I have a massage booked and George has a chiroprator's appointment as well!  Canucks game tonight that I might try and catch a few minutes of...  GO CANUCKS GO!

Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another layout if you can believe it?!

Yes, I know, it's 2 days in a row that I've posted layouts!  Can you believe it?!  Shocking in fact!  Just shows that I haven't been doing enough of my own scrapping that's for sure!

I'm afraid the colours on this are sooo much better in person, but I can't be bothered to retake the picture.  You get the idea!  This was done for a scraplift challenge for this week at Scrapperie and the ones the other girls did will be posted a little later.  I've really been just pulling things out of my stash and playing and it's made for much faster layouts that are a lot more fun to create!

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A layout I love!

This was based on a sketch by Debbie Gaydos (below) that I loved.  It's not a new one by any means, but I knew I'd end up using it one day!  The best part about this layout for me was that not only did I finally scrap some older pictures, but I used all stash stuff that was sort out of on my table when I was creating.  The big scalloped circle on the right was even a page that I'd used the center of for something else and ended up using the outer part for this!  Love that!

I have some other creative stuff that I've been working on and hope to get posted soon as well as some recent pics!  Speaking of pictures, I also need to go and pick up the ones I ordered for developing so I can create some more!

Have a fabulous day!

Monday, February 01, 2010

February Challenge for CCAYR!

OK, so today is the day for the new monthly challenge at the Christmas Cards All Year Round blog.  The challenge for this month is to create a Christmas card with at least three hearts on it since it's the month of love!  Here are the couple of cards I did for the challenge.

Leave a comment on THIS POST if you do our challenge! Please only enter NEW CARDS that are made in FEBRUARY.

*Remember, if you do 5 cards this month following the challenge, your name will go in a draw for the prize above at the end of FEBRUARY! (this challenge CAN be combined with any other blog or forum challenges that you do this month.)

Hope to see some of your cards!