Monday, February 07, 2011

I did a page!!

Yes, I's shocking, but I actually scrapbooked - for me!  I joined the Crowned Contest at Scrapdango to get me moving on something that wasn't for work.  The challenge for this week was to have at least one woman in the layout (me), have it be mostly B&W as well as having some bling and something that went all the way across the page.  This came together quite quickly with some of the "Be Mine" Echo Park papers and a few extras.  Had fun playing with some stamping and ribbon pleating (on the left) as well.  You probably can't tell, but the edges of the whole page are distressed with black ink as well!

This layout is just a documentation of the weight loss journey I've been on.  I started in July last year and have lost 58lbs since.  I'm not done, but I'm "learning to love" (the title of the layout) myself and am feeling sooooo much better!  Just need to work on getting to that 60lb mark now!

Thanks for popping in and I love to hear from you when you do!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy February!

Yes, it's hard to belive it's Tuesday again already!  Most of us in the house have been down and out with a stomach bug the last few days, but are all seemingly back at it today.  Poor George had his birthday yesterday and was the only healthy one!  Sorry hon!  We'll celebrate another day this week...

Now for Project Life from the last week!

January 22nd
Yes, this is my glorified pencil sharpener!  It's actually a paper shredder that I'd like to get rid of since I now have a bigger and better one, but Kyle loves this thing!  He gets all the pencils and pencil crayons out and sharpens them.  He'll stand there for ages!  I just can't seem to get rid of it when I know it'll break Kyle's heart!

January 23rd
This was our first family dinner at our new table!  Now it's just to get the other 2 chairs put together and get rid of the box in the background.  Looking forward to lots of nights like this!

January 24th
This isn't the best picture of me, but it's the one I've got!  I ended up switching duty days with Tracy at the last minute because Matthew was sick this day.  Had a fun day playing with Nathan and helping out!

January 25th
Mmmmm...gotta love leftovers!  This was my lunch today and it was leftover sloppy joes.  These are a recent favourite for the boys which I love because they're quick and easy!

January 26th
I actually posted about this last week.  It was just one of those morning where I was feeling quite grateful and enjoying a moment!

January 27th
Who can resist those faces?  We ended up making cookies 2 days in a row here.  The kids love helping and we made chocolate chip ones, so who can resist the smell of those baking?!

January 28th
Poor Kyle!  He came into my room at 6:30 telling me his stomach didn't feel good.  He generaly just gets up and gets himself breakfast, so I sort of knew something was really wrong.  He ended up throwing up around 7 and then again at 9am, but that was about the worst of it.  He napped for the latter part of the morning and was so much better after that!

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I'll update about Nathan's birthday party (Sunday) soon as well!  It was unfortunately after that that we all ended up sick though I think it was the same bug that Kyle had had Friday.

Happy Birthday Honey!