Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mindful gratitude...

Just having a quiet moment here and catching up with some stuff online when I came up this post by Kelly Willette and thought it was a wonderful reminder of being thankful for the everyday in our lives.  Yes, there are a million things to complain about if you want to and we all have days that we do, but wouldn't we all be so much better off if we looked at all the bits of good in our everyday lives?

I'm learning already from doing Project Life that there's so much in our day to day to celebrate.  The kids are loving seeing all these bits of our life preserved in pictures for them to go through any time they want so I can only imagine how thrilled they'll be in a couple of months when there's a lot more to look at.  I think it's making them appreciate the little things as well. 

I have a little time this morning since 3 of the kids are at school and Matthew is home sick still with Daddy.  Just sitting here with the winter sun coming through the curtains and thinking about how very blessed my life really is...  Really appreciating it - all of it!

What are you thankful for today?  And who are you going to tell?  How are you going to celebrate that?


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yogajen said...

i love the idea of using the project life kit as a gratitude journal... perhaps not in a structured-list-kind of way, but just as an ongoing pictorial record of all my blessings. GREAT way to frame it up! Thanks Coll - you're a gem ;)