Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life Week 2!

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I've posted, especially since so much has happened this week.  Well, this will be a quick peek and I'll try and get back soon to update a little more and add.  The Mom Creative is a fun place to check out and a lot of people are sharing their Project Life stuff there, so you can see a lot of other ideas as well!

This was a busy week with doctor's appointments and check-ups, some crazy weather, my first class in about a month as well as a little boy turning 5!!  We also had a life lesson for Kyle and those are never really fun.  Certainly nothing harmful, but there was a loss of a toy involved after mum suggested he not take it to school!

I used my first vertical picture this week in the bottom right on this page since it was just too cute.  I'm not worrying about the direction of the odd one of these and, to be honest, I'm finiding it a bit more of a challenge to take more horizontal pictures since it isn't the norm for me!

Yes, it's hard to believe, but my "baby" turned 5 on the 13th.  I got to be on duty at preschool with him and we had a little celebration there with cupcakes.  We had mum and dad over in the evening for dinner.  Pizza, pepperoni of course, was Nathan's dinner of choice!  We had George's mum and dad over for cake as well afterwards and there were more than a few presents once again!  Just can't believe he's my little man and he's now 5 and will be going to full-time Kindergarten in the fall!  How time flies!

Well, think that's it for this week.  Having a ton of fun puttering with my Project Life and I'm fully up to date (*including today!) with my journaling!  Trying to get pictures developed on the weekend and popped in quickly so that this project stays up to date.  The best part is that my family is enjoying it as well!



Alexis said...

Happy birthday to your little dude! Great work on the project life scrapping. Hopefully we can cross paths soon and catch up. Take care.

Susan Archer said...

I keep looking for the like button like on FB..lol..

Angie Blom said...

Fantastic week of photo's Colleen! Happy 5th birthday to you little man!

Janet said...

Wow...what a cool project. Simple and easy, just take the photos! Love it! And Happy Birthday to your little one!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

looks like a fun week :)

Sanditerese said...

Cute pictures! I also find it very hard to do this project with so many horizontal pictures.