Sunday, January 02, 2011

What's Your Word?

I know some of you here reading this aren't scrapbookers and won't know who Ali Edwards is, but she does this thing annually where she picks a word for the year. I've done the same and my word for this year is OPEN. I need to be open to change and all that it brings with it and I'm hoping this word will bring other things into my life this year as well.

I decided as another present to myself this year and as part of my journey of change that I'd give myself the One Little Word class that Ali Edwards is doing at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It's essentially a class a month and a way of looking at things a little differently through the word you've chosen for the year.  Just started, but enjoying it already for sure!

Not such an exciting day here really... Slept in a little and got up about 8ish. Puttered with a few things on the computer and then it was off to work. I did manage to get a cup of coffee and my oatmeal before going, but that was about it, so I popped into Subway to pick up lunch on the way there.

Today was the first day that I actually opened by myself, so that just means dealing with the alarm and things. Everything went well though and we had a good day! Came home to a fab veggie soup for dinner that George had made with barley, kidney beans and then all kinds of awesome veg! It was sooo good.  Diane (from work) had also gotten me these Bagel Thins from the States as well as the mini WW cream cheese, so I had that as well. A really filling and satisfying meal on a cold night!

After dinner, we got bundled up and we all headed out for a walk. It was cold, but the boys love going out with the flashights after dark and we were dressed for it, so no one cared. We were out for a little under a half hour, but more exercise for me as well as all the stuff I did at work today taking down Christmas decorations!

Just relaxing with a cup of delicious very hot coffee and wondering what I'm going to do with the rest of the evening - maybe just head to bed early! :o)


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