Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Life - Week 1!

Yes, this is the first actual week of my Project Life and I had soooo much fun doing it.  Everyone in the family seems to like the idea of this and both Kyle and George read all the journaling for the week once it was done.  I think this is simply awesome!

With all the classes I'm prepping for at work, I find my own scrapping seems to get left.  I love doing it, but I don't always have time.  This is a way top document what's going on in our lives without any stress.  I'm still planning doing some scrapping, but I can do it when I have time and not worry about being caught up. 

I'm doing it as a picture a day, but also not stressing if I miss the odd one and will simply fill it with another picture related to the week or our family in some way.  I've decided to try and do the journaling before bed daily to keep it fresh in my mind.  I am using OhLife daily as well which e-mails you a generic question about your day.  You just hit reply, add your response and send it and that is added to an online (private) journal.  Sometimes I actually write and other days, it's just point form of a few things.  Whatever it is, it's something to this point!

Had a bit of a crazy day today.  Got up early and got the boys dressed and ready so that we could head out to the clinic and get an appt for Kyle.  Next Monday, Kyle is having 6 teeth pulled. and they're putting him out for it, so that means a need a form filled out by the doctor saying that he all good and healthy - check up basically.  We were up there before 7:30 (not long after they opened) and were told to come back at 11:30!  This is what happens when your doctor has been away for a week and everyone loves him!  

My plans were done at that point because I was hoping that since Matthew and Sophia weren't here first thing this morning that I could have Kyle in and out before they got here (after swimming).  I also thought Kyle would be in and out before school - no go there!  Instead, all 5 of us were up there and waited more than an hour.  I'm truly lucky they're all so good because other than asking more than once when we were going in, they were really good.  It was almost 1pm before we got out though, so I popped into Burger King and got 2 kids meals for the kids to share and then added some fruit and other things.  Amazing that one kid could actually eat all those fries anyway!

Took Kyle up to school and just missed the bell, so we walked him in.  Came home and put Matthew to bed.  A friend was nice enough to bring Kyle home so that Matthew could sleep a little longer.  Brian had left money for hot chocolate for the kids and because it was so late after the doctor, we didn't go then, but went up to Starbucks once Matthew woke up.  Had fun and someone commented on how well behaved they were - the second time today with the first being at the doctor's!

Well making a Stroganoff WW recipe tonight, so I'd better go get at it!
It's Bachelor night tonight, so I'll be watching that and the weather network to figure out what's going on with the snow!  Have to prep my Wednesday class too and just hope that I can get there.

Well, better go get some cooking done for real!  I'm out of here!  Have a good one!


Alexis said...

so busy. Remember that you're the glue to your family and need to take care of you too! Hope all other things are good. Have a good day. Smile! Hugs

Bonnie said...

I"m off to check out ohlife. Sounds interesting! Oh, and I never worry about missing a pic and just fill with a everyday pic.

Diana said...

WOW!!! Colleen this is fantastic. I love all the journaling you are doing. Beautiful LOs. also. Wish I had the time to do this, is something I would of loved to do.