Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What a completely crazy day!

Crazy day and not at all how I thought things would go the first day back for our school routine!

- George was off today still - thankfully!!!
- Nathan is seeming sick still, so we wanted to take him to dr
- George goes up early, but it's closed and he doesn't check what time it's open
- about 8ish, he takes Nathan and goes up again only to find out the dr isn't in until 9 as our dr is on vacation
- I get a call from a friend that their younger daughter is sick and could I pick up their older daughter and take her with Kyle since they're in the same class - fine!  All good!
- called Tracy since the kids were coming a little later and asked her to come after 9 when I know we'll be home again - she said no worries
- get Kyle and his friend to school and go to make Nathan a dr appt
- find out the dr I want to see (at the clinic) isn't in until later, so we have to go back to make appt
- Tracy brings kids
- George goes to run errands
- I play with the kids and make them lunch
- George makes appt for Nathan on his way home
- he comes home and replaces lightbulbs in the kitchen (Yeah!)while I go grab sushi for us for lunch
- lunch and sit down for a bit and then off to get Kyle and his friend and take her home

This is going to be my Project Life picture for today!

- pick up Nathan and take him to dr only to find out he has pneumonia!! Needs more meds and a chest x-ray!!
- come home to find Brian has picked up kids and George has dinner going
- George takes Nathan for chest x-ray and they're waiting for ages
- Nathan called after an hour or so crying and wanting to come home
- I told him I'd come up and see him and bring Rufus his dog and his blankie, but by the time we got there, they were in already
- waited and Nathan was happy to see Rufus!
- George took Kyle home in the truck and I took the car and Nathan to go to Tim's for a chocolate milk and a bagel!
- poor Kyle missed karate tonight as a result os all this craziness too - felt badly!
- poor George had dinner and then went grocery shopping for us thankfully!
- gave Nathan medicine, tucked the kids and they were done for the day
- relaxing a bit and then calling it a night!

Let's just hope tomorrow is a little more "normal"!  It better be because it's just me and the kids!  Such a different day than the relaxing one we had with the 4 of us yesterday!


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Susan Archer said...

Oh the fun of sick kids and the running around we dp..lol...Hang in there Colleen!