Thursday, January 06, 2011

Another day...

with the kids...

- they were playing "ring around the rosie" with their stuffies before they were even dressed
- drove Kyle to school what with Nathan still sick
- got lots done off my to do list this morning
- planned Nathan's birthday for the 30th - bowling
- lunch and then a friend picked up Fia for preschool and Matthew napped while Nathan played
- another friend brought Fia back to Kyle's school and we got Kyle
- off to karate - 1st day since holidays since he missed Tues with Nathan at the doctor and then x-ray
- Brian picked up kids and Nathan and I went to Starbucks before getting Kyle
- dinner was sloppy joes which the kids liked! Yeah!
- off for me to pick up pictures for a school assignment for Kyle

- Nathan asked me to tie his blankie around his neck so he could "rescue" Rufus from Kyle's backpack
- my online chat for my One Little Word class which was fast moving, but fun
- bedtimes for boys
- chat with Trace for an hour or so on the phone and...
bedtime for me!

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mandyb said...

the chat was fun wasnt it..but a little fast.. thanks for visiting my blog