Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Cards!

Another one with Scenic Route paper based on the previous cards I did.

OK, so in my last post, I realized that I needed to make a couple more cards for Nathan's preschool teachers, so I used the same designs and papers in a slightly different way and here are two more Valentine's cards!  Quick and easy!

Nathan and Sophia had their Valentine's party at preschool today and I went a little early to help them hand out their cards.  Things were running behind, but it sure looked like it had been quite the fun day!  They were having snack (a cookie with icing they got to put on and sprinkles) and then went to run around in the gym across the hall before passing out cards and getting going.  Fun! 

Kyle and George were both home again today.  Kyle has a Pro-D today and since he came home early today and they were basically just doing their party today, I decided to keep him home.  George was supposed to be volunteering today, but he wasn't feeling very hot and thought maybe driving around all day (until midnight), might not be the best idea.  This bug has really taken it out of us this week for sure and let's hope next week is better!

Work tomorrow night and, of course, the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics!  Too bad I'm working tomorrow night, but I should be able to see some of it before I go.  I'll be shocked if it's not Wayne Gretzky lighting the cauldron for it!  Have heard little bits and pieces about what'll happen, but they've done a pretty good job of keeping things quiet!  I'm sure it'll be amazing...

Will be watching the season premiere of Survivor tonight (as well as some of the Canucks game!) and then trying to get some sleep!  Don't want to end up sick again from being run down! 

Have a great night!


Diana said...

These cards are gorgeous
Hope your home is feeling better soon.

Lesley said...

Your cards are beautiful!