Friday, March 05, 2010

Ramblings from Sick House...

OK, so I was reading blogs this morning and when I saw Nicole's title, I totally thought of our house and how things have gone of late.  So, yes, it's been ages since I blogged and after doing so well there for a little while too. 

We have literally been sick in our house (and Tracy's for that matter) for about a month now.  First of all, Matthew (my nephew who I care for 4 days a week) got sick with the flu and it slowly made it's way through pretty much all of us in both houses in varying degrees.  Then, just when everyone seemed to getting better I thought, Kyle came down with a nasty bug that turned into a trip to emergency last Tuesday only to find out he had pneumonia.  That was the end of the week of school for him and that was after being away a few days with the flu bug too!  Poor kid!

Now, Sophia didn't do very well either.  She had the flu quite badly and then this cold developed into croup for her, so she had a trip to the hospital this week!  The rest of us have had good days and bad, but I'm hoping we're on the other side for now!

It has been an amazing couple of weeks with the Olympics here as well!  I'm not sure I can even put into words what it was like and the energy and unbelievable patriotism that was shown here.  I know some people from other countries have claimed that it was "un-Canadian", but we're all very proud of what our athletes accomplished and how the city came together in so many ways to host a wonderful winter games!

I was also lucky enough to be able to go and see an event - speedskating at the Richmond Oval.  Tracy and Brian won a VIP package and were only going to be able to see part of the event because of an overlap with the hockey game they were going to, so she managed to get Dad and I in to see the speedskating and it was so much fun to be there.  We didn't see any Canadians medal that day, but we did see some of the women who would later medal in the games!  It was also the day that Maelle Ricker won her gold and the place went nuts when they announced it there!

- I've been busy with work and classes
- George was volunteering during the Olympics (driving)
- Kyle is still enjoying his Hip Hop dance classes on Thursdays
- the preschool has now been closed for 2 weeks due to a flood
- Kyle has his class picture taken this week and he came home with another wonderful report card this week
- totally happy that I finally managed to order PVR service today and they'll be here Monday for the instal!
- a 2 week Spring Break starts at 3pm today essentially
- the boys are registered for a one week karate class starting Monday

It just seems like there has been so much going on around here between school, classes, sick people, work, doctors, etc!  I don't know that Spring Break will slow anything down, but I'm hoping for a pj day in there somewhere, but without people being sick!

George was going to be away for Spring Break volunteering for the Paralympics, but that has changed and he's now working next week and will have the second week off to hang out with us.  Let's hope the weather is still nice!

I'll hopefully catch up with posting some scrappy stuff in the next day or two as well, but here's a layout I did as a class sample for the From Sketch to Scrapped Class that I do monthly now.  It was based on a great sketch (with permission) from the always fabulous Jana Eubank.

Have a fabulous weekend and hope it's healthy!

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Alexis said...

Hey colleen,
Thanks for the fun class on wednesday. I had a great time. Hope u are all on the mend and have a fab spring break.