Sunday, March 07, 2010

I've actually started!

OK, so I knew I had to make my in-laws a calendar this past Christmas since I hadn't made them one the previous year and got hints about it all year long!  I had given them one the year before that and hadn't realized quite how big a hit it was until I didn't make them one!  Lesson learned...

Now, I knew about this little project all year long and yet ended up creating almost all of it on Boxing Day before we went to their house for dinner!  I decided I wasn't going to do that this year and to help me, I offered to post a Calendar Challenge for Challenge Masters and then actually at Scrapperie as well!  If you play on both sites, it's a 2 for 1 deal!

The above page is the current challenge which is...
Create your page for the month of Fenruary (with or without pictures depending on the type of calendar you're doing) and include something that wouldn't normally be considered a "scrapbooking product". This could mean something recycled (like the packaging from a toy I used in my layout), an office product, a piece of fabric - it's endless! As long as you wouldn't normally find it in your lss, it's all good for this challenge.

I can't possibly tell you how good it feels to be working on this well in advance and know that one of my Christmas presents will be taken care of well before Christmas!

This was the page I did for the challenge last month for the first page of the calendar.  I thought I had posted it actually and realized I hadn't.  I can post the pages here without worry either since my in-laws won't see them. (No internet if you can believe it?!  Can't imagine!).  You'll be seeing more in the months to come!  Come and play!

Guess it's off to bed for me!


Janet said...

I sooo need to participate in this challenge! I make 6!!!!!

Hampers said...

wow...your calendar looks awesome and your illustrations are amazing. It was nice going through your blog. keep on posting :)

Diana said...

WOW!!! First I can't believe how big your boys are specially the baby. WOW Time sure does fly. I love both LO great design.