Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Might be a Record!

Another card!  3 days in a row!  And another one I just got to play with!  Once again used the bits on my desk of the Bo Bunny Ad Lib that I've been playing with the last few days.  This was honestly a pretty quick and easy one since I used the CPS sketch for this week as inspiration.

We got a bunch of buttons in at work lately and they're sure priced right, so I got a bunch and was able to play with those on this card today too.  It was a matter of deciding which colour to use!

The boys have been more than a little excited about the new Lego Star Wars game they got for the Wii!  I sent them outside for a while yesterday, but they were chopping at the bit again as soon as they came in.  I told them they could play for a bit before I went to work, so there they were...  I love the look of concentration on Kyle's face and how relaxed Nathan is - doesn't even bother to sit up to play! 

I taught last night and had lots of fun!  It was more than a full class and I had people on the wait list still.  I just never know which ones are going to sell out like that (and quickly!) and which ones aren't.  So very hard to predict!  I have about a week now before I teach again, but have lots of class related stuff to work on for sure...

It's been a fairly quiet morning and feels weird because I've only got 3 this morning.  Poor little Matt-man has been sick this week and wasn't good this morning, so Trace was trying to get him in to see the dr this morning.  We had to get Kyle to the orthodontist since the button and elastic on the back tooth they're trying to straighten out had come off.  Didn't take long to get him in there and get it done, but we had to go!  Stopped for a Starbucks on the way home and the kids are just playing.  Not a great day again today, but might see about the park later if the rain doesn't start.

George went and finally bought a washing machine last night.  Left work a few minutes early so he could get to Trail Appliances before it closed.  They have a sale on he's been waiting for and he did get something.  I'm very thankful he got a pair, so we'll be getting a new washing machine and dryer!!  The bad news is that we have to wait a week to a week and a half to get it.  And for whatever reason, he decided not to have it delivered, so we have to go pick it up!  Booooo...  We'll see, maybe I can change his mind about that!

Well, better run and get a few things done!


Alexis said...

Love taking a break from my day to read about your day. It always leaves me with a smile. Cutie card. Congrats. 3 days in a row! Nice.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful card!! I need to get back to my paper supplies - seems digi and sewing have been stealing my attention lately.

Hurray for the new washer & dryer! Funny how those things become exciting as we 'mature.' ;) And, yes, I was so excited last time - it's nice to have a new working pair.