Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Around Here...

Was thinking it's been way too long since I blogged (actually have half a post still waiting to be finished!) and saw Ali Edward's blog and got inspired!  So, here I am with a little update!

Around here there's been a lot of self-initiated learning that's going on for Nathan (as seen in the picture above).  He's loving playing with printing now and there was a time I couldn't even get him interested in learning how to do his name.  He also loves his art!

Around here we've had lots of trips to the dentist lately.  George and I have both been for cleanings in the last week as well as Nathan though his trip was a little less successful.  He let the dentist check them, but wouldn't let the hygenist clean...  Another time. 

Around here, Kyle has seen the orthodontist 3 times in 4 weeks as well to get the tooth in the upper back left straightened out.  We can hold off for another 6 weeks now assuming nothing comes lose on his "appliance".

Around here Nathan hasn't thankfully been sick again lately (*fingers crossed) though we did have to take him to the dermatologist to have a few little skin bumps removed from his knee.  Nothing serious by any means, but it can apparetly spread, so it's easier to have them taken off.

Around here there's a lot a lot of thought (stress maybe?) about what's going to happen in September since I won't have Sophia and Matthew here anymore...  Money in certainly a consideration as well as what I want to be when I grow up!

Around here there's been some creative stuff happening, but it's mostly been work related and not enough of my own stuff!

Around here, I've definitely been in purge and organize mode though there don't seem to be enough hours in the day...

Around here, I've been struggling with Weight Watchers bouncing up and down a few pounds for a quite a while now and need to get moving consistently back ina  downward direction again!

Around here I've been thinking about how to get my hands on the Vagabond by Tim Holtz since my very old Zip E Mate is about to give up.

Around here, Kyle has been doing well with karate and is going to be getting his yellow belt at another belt presentation tomorrow night.

Around here, we're looking forward to spring, but the bit of snow that fell this morning was a reminder that it's not here yet.

Well, it's been busy for sure and that's not going to change!  Just need to try and keep up! 



Maria said...

Around here is a really busy place!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great post! Ali is absolutly inspiring, isn't she? Thanks so much for following my new blog! xoxo