Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What a response to my blog candy! It's fun to see what everyone is interested in in the way of kits. Looks like a lot of people have Christmas on the brain already! Please make sure you leave a name (and preferably e-mail) if you're posting anonymously because I have a couple of responses without names!! Feel free to add your name to the list in the previous post because I'm not picking until I got home on Friday night after work (and I work until midnight at my lss!). Thanks everyone for the congrats too! I've very excited about this and can't wait to get started!

Now, as a result of all this craziness on my blog here, I'm also over 5000 posts and I said I'd do some more blog candy when that happened, so keep your eyes peeled in the next day or two for that as well!

Now, what else was I going to blog about today?? Oh, I know...our day yesterday. I don't have my niece, Sophia, to take care of this week since Tracy and Brian are off and camping! Oh, before I go any further, I need to wish them a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY because it was yesterday. Hope you guys had a wonderful day!

Since I didn't have Sophia, George decided to take an extra day off work so we could have an extra day together. We went up to the park and had lots of fun!

The kids played in the play area and Kyle was on that huge red swing and they were on all of the teeter totters! Of course, Nathan still tries to get off mid-ride though so someone has to watch him fairly closely! One of the first things he was drawn towards was an old cup with a lid and straw too of course! There's a water park there, but we hadn't taken stuff for the kids to play in it because it wasn't really that warm and we wanted to have a play and go for a walk.

The first couple of pictures are from a new little story area they've made and the kids had fun sitting in there. I sat in the chair first and Kyle told me I needed to tell a story, so I did, but I left things in the story for him to fill in. Then, he got in the chair and told his story! A little girl came up after and wanted to sit there, but he told her she it was her turn to tell a story if she was going to sit there!

I also got the picture of the butterfly because this was the first day that Nathan had noticed them. The funny thing was that once he did, he kept trying to follow them around and they'd keep flying away! Cute!

Now this little beauty was dinner last night! We went and bought the shells though we do sometimes make our own dough too. We didn't get started until too late, so we bought them. Mine had a little sauce, thinly sliced tomato, fresh basil from the garden and feta and a little mozzarella! Simply fantastic! Think I could eat that every night!!

This is the layout I did one the weekend with pictures from the weekend. As I previously posted, George and Kyle slept outside on the weekend and I was chatting to Sandi and Christina at Scrapperie and they triple dog dared me to get these pictures scrapped by Sunday night, so I did! I'm always up for a challenge! The layout was based on a sketch in Becky Higgins first Creative Sketches book. Thanks for the challenge ladies!

Then, I used the scraps that were left on my desk and made these cards as well. I tend to do that a lot these days. Had fun with the cupcake on the first one because it's actually got Liquid Applique on it and the cupcake part is puffy! Fun!

I think that's more than enough for now! Thanks for dropping by!


Nathalie said...

Just wanted to say that I love your cards and that park looks really cool!!! Love your pics!

toners said...

You've been busy! The park photos are really great; you captured lots of different shots. And I looove your cards!

It's Not Easy BeingGreen said...

Great cards!

Allison said...

Wow! You have been busy girl!!!

Love all the park picture! You guys have some COOL equipment there! So jealous!

Have a great Thursday!

Sandi Minchuk said...

LOVE the layout, Col! :D