Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rough start...

Well, as any of you that read my blog with any regularity know, I'm NOT a morning person. I'm OK once I get up and going, but it's not my favourite time of the day and I like to start with a little peace and quiet so I can have a shower and a cup of coffee before dealing with the world.

Not this morning! Kyle came and crawled into bed at 6am and started whining about wanting breakfast. I said no, but he could go ask George. Now remember that I don't have Sophia today, so this is my "day off" and I was thinking I might get to sleep in a little - NOPE! Ok, so back to the story... George told Kyle he was going to work and that he'd have to wait until I got up - so that's when the waterworks and mad sobbing started. He told me he was "starving". I "very happily" got up and got him some cereal and then he barely touched it! Ahhhhh.... can you guess who'll be going for a nap later on? No! Not me!

I was thinking about taking George to work and keeping the car, but the kids and I didn't exactly have anything specific to do, so I decided not to thinking I'd sleep in, but that didn't work out. Now, I'm hoping to be able to walk down to the library with the kids, but it looks awfuly dark and cloudy out there. I hope the weather cooperates. Not much on the go other than that and some cleaning up I hope!

We had a lazy day yesterday. I got to sleep in and then we went and did our grocery shopping together. Came home for naps and lunch and then went to some place that sells outdoor type stuff just to have a look around. Came home for naps again, had dinner and then scrapped a card and watched Hell's Kitchen. Thought it was going to be over last night, but it was the preliminary to the end. Didn't watch a ton of it to be honest since it was mostly recap type stuff.

Here's the card I did with some of the new Basic Grey paper:

Love this paper and will be making more cards with it!

The 2Peas Blogger Challenge today~
Are you the kind of person who would rather use 35mm film or do you perfer digital prints?
I like the control I have with my 35mm, but with taking a lot of pictures of the kids, I also like that I'm not wasting a lot of film with the digi. I still like both, but for different reasons!

Well, guess that's it for today! Oh NOPE! One more thing...
The winner of my last RAK is Toners!! Just need an addy, so you can peamail me!



Leah said...

Sounds like my morning this morning.. well just a little, LOL
The card is beautiful!

toners said...

Yep, I can relate to those kinds of starts to a day :) Your card is gorgeous! I'm heading off to make some myself just now. And thank you again for the RAK!

Lynn said...

Ahhh... I remember those mornings. I'm a morning person so it didn't really bother me too much.
Love your card and that paper is just terrific!

melissa said...

I thought it was going to be the finale on Hell's Kitchen too...but they tricked us, lol.

LOVE The card :) doesn't the new basic grey rock!-I love it

Suzy said...

Love the card! And I know what you mean about mornings!

mum on the run said...

Love your card, the colours you've used look great!

Julie said...

Totally relate with you on being a slow starter in the mornings. I don't really wake up till after I get home from dropping the kiddo's off at school each day - then it's peace and quiet with a nice hot cuppa to keep me company lol.
Gorgeous work with your card - love that BG paper.