Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why I scrapbook...

I've never really put this in writing before and I was inspired this morning by a couple of things. The first was a thread over at Scrapper's Daily Dose with a link to a Jennifer McGuire layout about why she scraps:

Jennifer McGuire Layout

So, the discussion was started about why we scrap. My response was
I scrapbook because
*I want my kids to know more than I do about their childhood and all the little things that are a part of that
*I want my kids to know something about my DH and I - things I don't necessarily know about my parents
*I hope my kids will be able to show their kids all of these wonderful memories someday.
*It most definitely fulfills a creative need in me
*Scrapbooking gives me some wonderful *me* time while still actually being able to celebrate and enjoy my family.
*I love writing!
*I love all the goodies!!!

I want Kyle and Nathan to know how much I loved them from the moment I found out I was having them and what it was like for me and for them when they were little - the good and those bad days too.

There was a little challenge in the new Simple Scrapbooks magazine about taking Stretching Your Supplies by taking 2 pieces of patterned paper and one embellishment and one set of letters and making 3 layouts and a card or tag out of it. Think I might try this later on if I have some energy after I get home! Sounds like a fun challenge!

Better go finish getting ready for work! Have a fabulous Sunday! We're looking forward to all having the day off tomorrow and maybe even doing a lot of nothing!!

PS Leave me a little comment about why you scrapbook and there could be a little RAK on it's way to you!


toners said...

I scrapbook mainly because I have hardly any photos of myself as a child; I want my kids to know all about their childhood - not just the birthdays and holidays, but the little everyday things too :) You wrote an excellent post!

Maureen said...

I agree that leaving something of substance other than just fading memories is my number 1 reason for scrapbooking.

But a very close second is the time my daughter and I spend together in the hobby. Two years ago she was the one to start us up in scrapbooking. Every week we go to the LSS to crop; we have a great time shopping for supplies together too. Something I know will not last; soon she will have other things occupying her time, so I am treasuring these moments together now -- memories documenting memories!

Theresa said...

I scrap for pretty much the same reason as everyone else. I want my photos to last for future generations and I want those people to not just have the picture but have a little knowledge about what was happening at the time. Another, very important reason that I scrap, it's FUN!

Allison said...

Love your entry Colleen!

I love to scrapbook too and for so many different reasons.... so my son will have a record of himself as a child... because sometimes pictures just don't say everything... because it's my stress relief... because I want to be able to answer the question "Mom... what was I like when I was a child?".

Have a wonderful Sunday!

jp said...

Great post, Colleen! I sb for a lot of the same reasons you do, but mainly because I think of myself as a storyteller. I love the writing process and sb'ing simply gives me stuff to write about and pictures to illustrate my writing. I hope my sb's enable a little bit of me to live on.

MsGrace said...

I scrap because it is a creative outlet for me that also serves a purpose. I get to play with paper & my family has a keepsake that they treasure when I am done.