Friday, August 03, 2007

Writing about writing!

The 2Peas Blogger Challenge today asked:
What do you do when your in a journaling slump. How you do get out of it?

For me, there are a few ways to work through this and one is to simply come back here to my blog and use one of my entries as the basis for my journaling. Sometimes I directly copy it out and use it and sometimes I add or delete as necessary.

I also just get out some pics I like and tell the story as if I were telling a friend or family member and that seems to help. The one thing I don't do very often anymore is to leave a layout without journaling. I used to and some of them still don't have it! Much better to tell the story when you're in the moment of doing the layout and thinking about the pictures.

Since I've been into quotes lately, here's one about writing...

"Whatever fascinates me or at least holds my attention-whether a dream, an incident, an idea, an anecdote, an overheard conversation, a quote-I write in my
journal. These are the kernels for my stories, though I'm not saying that
everything I write down needs to appear in a story-or should." -- Robin Henley

I really do think this is true and that my journaling has gotten better since I started blogging and makes little notes about conversations I have with Kyle especially. Those are the little things that you just can't remember later. I also think to ask different questions now sometimes too. I often think about the kinds of questions I should be asking my parents and grandparents.

Leave me a comment about who you would like to ask questions to and what you'd like to know. I have a little RAK for someone who does!

Other than that, there's not too much going on today. I have a few minutes with Nathan laying down and Kyle on his way home from being with my mum and dad. They should be here soon. I work tonight until midnight, so George has the boys to himself! He's got them tomorrow and Sunday as well since I work all day both days too! Crazy hours with people on holidays. Only this week and one more!

Looking forward to Monday though with George being off for the holiday and me not working either! We can do something as a family though I'm not sure what and I hope it's something other than grocery shopping! hee hee

Next week, I only have Sophia on Wednesday since Tracy has a few days off, so I'm hoping to get some things done with the boys too. I'd like to go and get their pictures taken, I need a haircut desperately as well as a massage! We have friends coming over for a playdate on Thursday and who knows what else we'll get up to!

Managed to get a little more scrapping done yesterday. I did 2 cards and a layout, but George took one of the cards to work to give to someone before I got to scan it or take a picture! Oh well...

The first page will be one of two with the other being mostly journaling, but I haven't gotten to that yet! I did the card with the scraps from my layout which is becoming a good habit!

Well, better run here and get a few things done. Have a great day everyone!


Joƫlle said...

Great blog entry, Colleen.

I think the person I'd like to have interviewed more formally was my Pepere Gauthier.

He was very involved in many community things, but mostly I would have liked to talk to him more about his love of fishing, baseball and finding the best wild blueberry patches in southeastern Manitoba!

Have a wonderful weekend - I hope you get some rest after working so much!

Deanna Thompson said...

hey Colleen!
I am thinking the person I would most like to ask questions to is my grandma, only about 50 years ago, when she could remember everything. She still gets alot of the story, but most of it is just whatever she thinks of at that moment. funny, but frustrating! lol

have a great weekend!!!!

Lynn said...

Your layout and card are just terrific! I love the wonderful scalloped edges on the pp. And the photos are just perfect!

I think the person I would like to still interview would be my Aunt Marilyn. She is the oldest of my fathers siblings (there were 6 of them) and well... she knows all the little secrets and most of the history that no one else does. She is 82 so I'm going to have get to interviewing soon, before her memory really starts to

It sounds like you have a very busy weekend and week. Take time to smell the roses as my grandfather would say to me.

p.s.- thanks for the encouraging words you left me on my blog. I hope to get creative soon. It's got to happen soon. It surely can't get any worse. Thats for sure.

Alyssa said...

I too use my blog as a start for some of my journalilng. Love the photo with the yellow and red car. Such a perfect childhood picture.

toners said...

I love all those bright colors you used :)I would interview my dad: I'd have lots to ask!