Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting so big!

These pictures just make me laugh! Every time I want to take a picture of Nathan now he has to be right up in the camera and is usually running at me, so I get a blur rather than a picture. This was in his high chair, so at least I knew how far I could be away to stay out of his reach - well, almost since I ended up with a little oatmeal on the side of my camera in the end!

Nathan and Kyle are always playing together these days and whatever Kyle is doing is what Nathan wants to be doing. This only creates problems when Kyle is, of course, doing something that Nathan simply can't because of his size/age! You'll see that Kyle is the same about Nathan! He wants to be in every picture with him and this morning wanted to cuddle with him on the sofa after Nathan got up. (I'll have to post those pictures later!) They're quite the funny pair these days that's for sure!

Nathan is talking up a storm these days and melted my heart a couple of days ago. He'd just gotten up from his nap and I was giving him a cuddle and he gave me a big kiss (which now also comes with the kissing sound effects - *MMMMMA*). I said "I love you" after and he said "Wuve you". Melted my heart then and there as it's the first time he's said it.

We had another milestone word on a good today today as well. Mum and dad are coming to visit today and Grandpa is going to be very happy and proud when he hears both Nathan and Sophia saying "Bampa". Kyle and I were trying to get Nathan to say it this morning and right after he did, so did Sophia! At least I haven't heard her say it before anyway!

He's quite the going concern and very communicative about things even when he doesn't know the word. He points and gestures and will even grad your hand and take you over to something. His latest thing is that he wants to pull all the doors shut, but you have to hold him for him to be able to do it since he isn't tall enough to reach the doorknobs yet - that'll be soon enough though!

He absolutely loves airplanes and has to tell us whenever there's one going over the house (and it's fairly often!). Books are his other big thing these days and he's forever bringing you one to read to him. Loves being outside just like Kyle does too and the two of them would be in the backyard and on the swingset pretty much all day everyday given the choice!

It's amazing that he's already more than a year and a half! Seems like I was just bringing him home from the hospital and I guess it's that much harder this time watching him grow knowing that we're not going to have any more kids. It's always fun to watch them grow and change and to be able to do new things, but also hard to let go of that little baby.

Can't wait to see what you're into next Nathan! And just know your mummy always loves you!

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~ Share one of your fondest memories of a special time with one of your grandparents.
I think for me, staying overnight at my paternal grandparents was always so much fun and brings back so many memories: staying up late and watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island after having to watch Lawrence Welk with my grandma, my grandpa making Kraft Dinner with lots of milk, the little Japanese candy dish they had, running around the house with my sister trying to avoid being tickled by my grandpa... So many fun memories!

Today's Scrapperie Blogger Challenge: Blog about what your next "big" purchase will be.
Honestly, we're not planning any big purchases right now with being on a tighter budget and me not working full-time. Eventually we'd like to get a new truck that we can all ride in rather than the 2-seater one we have now, but that's not going to be in the immediate future!

Well, hope everyone is having a great day and enjoys their evening! Just a little Big Brother watching tonight after my parent's visit and we have dinner! George has to go back to work tonight for a bit, so I'll have the evening to myself to scrap and watch my show. Looking forward to tomorrow as well since I'm going for lunch with Grant and Carolyn (my old bosses at Modus) and I'm dropping the kids of at George's parents' on the way - bonus!!



EquineSpirit said...

Great post! My youngest "baby" is almost five! Doesn't seem that long since he was a baby. :( They grow up too fast!! Anyway, love the cute!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Your kids are too cute! I love Big Brother too. I am addicted!

Janet said...

Very and your kids!!!

Jill said...

Cute! Love the food face!!!!!!

Joƫlle said...

I know what you mean! Jacques' been chatting up a storm, too, and climbing EVERYTHING! It's fun to be a previledged observer, but every once in a while I miss that tiny little bundle that was so much easier to get to cuddle! ;)