Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Monday...

So here it is the beginning of another week already! Sophia was back again today after only being here one day last week since Tracy had a few days off. We had a good day and it started well because I got a fairly good night's sleep other than waking up in the middle of the night to see Kyle in the middle of the bed. I vaguely remember him coming in, but he always gets in on George's side! He apparently had a bad dream and George was too tired to take him back to bed and I don't think I even really woke up when he got in.

After I'd had a bit of morning time to myself, Sophia got her and we all had breakfast and played for a bit. Sophia seemed tired and asked to go for a nap though never actually slept! Nathan had his morning nap and then we all got ready and went for a walk up to the post office. Nice day to get out and it turned out to be warmer than I expected.

Came home, did lunch and it was almost nap time again. Was just about to put Sophia down when she and Nathan were running around the kitchen and she wiped out big time. Scared me as it even sounded hard and I knew she'd fallen face first and I was a little afraid to see her lip/few teeth. She wailed for a second and then I noticed her nose was bleeding. I had the phone in hand and was about to call the nurses' line we have here when she stopped crying and her nose stopped bleeding too thankfully. I checked online to see what they said and apparently it's not that uncommon for nose bleeds when kids bang their nose. She had a red bump on her forehead sort of just up from between her eyes. Poor munchkin. It was fun when she woke up though because the boys were still sleeping and we got a chance to play together! Even with the bonk it was a good day to be honest!

Just having a relaxing evening after making a great dinner of Mediterranean pitas (will try and post fabulous recipe tomorrow!) which we hadn't had in a while. Did the bath thing with the kids, George is watching his show and I just made coffee. Nathan is in bed and Kyle is heading there (after having a long nap today!). Going to watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen in a bit and call it a night I think! Get another good night of sleep for what is hopefully another good day tomorrow!


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