Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's off to work we go!

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~
Are you the type of scrapper that likes to use one photo or multi photos on your layouts? If your a one photo scrapper do you feel its harder to come up with multi photo pages?

For me, it's a little of both! I've been doing some smaller 8X8 layouts of my memories of being a kid and there's generally only one picture on those, but if I'm doing my usual 12X12 layouts, I tend to have multi-photo layouts. Sometimes I have a special picture and/or a lot of journaling, so I'll do a one photo one, but I have so many pictures that it's just too hard to pick one most of the time. I actually need to get back to doing a few more "event" type layouts because I've been scrapping a lot of sort of everyday things lately! I don't find the multi-photo ones that hard, but I think it's because I've done them for so long and often enough now!

I'm off to work here again in a bit and then won't be home until after dinner, so I'll get to see the boys a little after getting home and then it'll be a relaxing evening with maybe a little scrapping if I have any energy! I also want to do a set of cards for my Grandma for Christmas (needless to say she doesn't have a computer or read my blog!!) since she's always bugging my aunt to go get cards for her! Thought if I did a set with envelopes and everything, she'd be good to go, but I want to start thinking about it now rather than a week before Christmas!

Oh, and the WINNER from my blog draw yesterday was Lynn!

Have a great day everyone...


Keka0407 said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my new blog!! To answer your question...i'm a little bit of both but I find it easier to do single photo layouts. Have a great day!

senovia said...

IMHO the everyday layouts are the best ones to have! And I'm the same with 12x12 layouts and multi photos- how do you fill all that space??!! lol

Lynn said...

Wow! I can't believe that I won your RAK! This is amazing. Thank you so much in advance.
I have to agree with you about the multi-photo layouts. I like doing them better also.
I will pea-mail you with my info. Thanks again Colleen.