Sunday, August 26, 2007

Work day...

Most people are off today and though it would be nice to stay home with my boys, going to work at my lss, Precious Memories, is actually quite a bit of fun too! The new CHA stuff has been coming in and we have the fun of opening all the boxes and putting it out - it's like an early Christmas for a scrapbooker!

I managed to get this quick layout done yesterday and it was inspired by a layout in the May/June issue of Simple Scrapbooks (pg 23). These were some pictures that I took of the kids after we came home from preschool and had a very wet walk. The best part was that I'd blogged about it at the time and had all my journaling basically done! There's more journaling that's hidden on the layout as well simply because there was too much of it - the details!

I posted the other day that the boys has been cuddling on the sofa on Friday morning and these are the pictures I got. The lighting isn't the best, but they're still cute and I'm glad they've been getting along so well and playing together more and more.

Well, better be off to work here! Have a great day!


Alyssa said...

Reminds me of my two boys (4 and 2) who are just starting to play together...and get along. Cute pictures.

Rachael said...

Your layout is cute!!

The snuggling pics are so precious!! :)

Jill said...

What cuties & great layout!!!!

Alexandra said...

Your boys are so dang cute and that page is awesome! thanks for posting on my blog because now I found yours and can come back to visit! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex