Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who needs toys...

when you have doors?!? This is definitely Nathan's new thing and he'd do it as long as you let him. He just goes behind the door and opens and closes and opens and closes. He thinks it's quite fun if you're there to smile at him or say "Boo" when he opens it. This actually manages to amuse Kyle for a while too. The only thing is that once in a while he actually closes the door and then gets quite mad that "the toy" is no longer available to him!

This afternoon, I was chatting with mum on the phone and Nathan was crawling around as usual. He went into what'll be his room (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and he started playing with the door. I could see him, so it wasn't a problem until he closed the door and he was stuck in the room by himself. I asked mum to hang on and went to "rescue" him, but had a problem because he was standing up against the other side of the door. I managed to get the door open enough to squeeze in without knocking him over and got him out of there. I tell you, that kid is a going concern these days! He just thinks it's all quite funny though!

We had another day at home since the roads still aren't great and we really didn't have anywhere we needed to be. George thankfully took us out tonight for a little outing after he got home and it was just nice to be outside the house, but it's sure cold! That's the reason I haven't even had the boys outside to play too. I think it was -8 again this morning and it warmed up to -4 or 5 this afternoon! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and then warm up a bit and start raining in the next day or two! I'll be happy to see that rain and to this the snow and cold weather behind us - for now anyway!

Well, everyone else is snuggled into bed and I'd better be off to the same place. I'm hoping Nathan will have a better night of sleep since we gave him some Advil before bed tonight since he's got another tooth coming in. He's been waking up a lot the last few nights, so I figured something must be going on in his mouth, but I didn't see the little white culprit until today! Poor kid! It's a good thing we don't remember getting teeth!


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Anonymous said...

Poor little man. Teeth are the worst! He sure is a cutie pie though!