Monday, November 27, 2006

Jammies Day!

Well, this is just one of those days that it seems you're better of not even bothering to get dressed. OK, I did manage to have a shower, but i've got my "comfy pants" (aka pj pants) on and a sweatshirt. Nothing fancy here today and I haven't bothered getting either of the kids dressed. Nathan down for a short nap and Kyle is busy playing.

As you can see from the pictures, we also did a little baking - Brownies! Kyle loves baking and since we're not going out, we might as well do some fun things at home. We also played Snakes and Ladders and are off to read stories here shortly. Nathan's naptime is "Kyle time" and these days it's usually spent reading books in his bed and pretending to nap! After I took these pictures, Kyle actually had his head in the bowl licking it out too!

The weather here is nuts. George did go to work, but left crazy early and got to work at the same time as usual. He said it was about 40km all the way. And judging from the news, a lot of people just stayed home since the roads didn't look nearly as bust us they usually are. A lot of school districts are actually closed today too, so some parents are probably at home as a result. The temperature today was as low as -18 degrees with the wind chill. Even at the airport this morning, it was -8 and that's where it's generally the warmest! I'm not bothering to get Kyle bundled up at that temperature! I don't want to be out there in that and he seems OK with that after asking about it a few times. He spent so much of his day out there yesterday that I think that saved me!

Nathan's music class was this morning, but we decided not to go. The roads aren't great and the car was sliding around a bit yesterday when George was driving when we went to do our grocery shopping. With 2 kids in the car, I'm not too keen and since it's nothing we have to do, I decided I'd rather not have the stress! Instead, I'm in my jammies!! Yeah! Have to wait and see what happens later this week with the weather as we might be spending more time at home. I have to say that I don't mind a bit of this, but I'll be welcoming back the rain anytime!



melissa said...

yay for jammie day-sounds like fun. and yummm to the brownies ;)

hope your weather gets better. -18 degrees is crazy!

Heather said...

Sounds like an absolutely fabulous day! And I'd have to say I LOVE Kyle's way of cleaning up!