Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas is in the Air

OK, I admit that it's even a little early for me since I generally hold off until the beginning of December to start the Christmas music, but I couldn't fight it any longer! I got out the Christmas CDs and put on my first one - Elvis, of course! I now have a not too bad collection of Christmas music since I started getting myself a CD a year a while back. My collection is very eclectic! From 98 Degrees to Neil Diamond to LoneStar to Luther Vandross!

I really do love Christmas and this time of the year! We've cut way back on the whole gifting thing and that makes it even more enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to Saturday since we're getting together for our "holiday dinner" with three other couples that I met through my mum's group after Kyle was born. It'll be the first year we've gotten together without the kids, but 4 families with 2 kids each and all of them under 3 and a half is just too much! It'll actually be the first time we've gotten together just as adults for that matter! Nana and Grandpa are coming, so the boys'll have fun too!

Made a quick stop at Tim's today for my half french Vanilla and half coffee to find that they've changed to the holiday cups! Another sign of the season! Now I just need to get to Starbucks for my annual eggnog latte. I always think of Julie in Australia when I do since I got her hooked on them when she lived here and now she can't get them!! I'll have one for you Jules!

Well, better run and get some things done while the boys are napping sicne Nathan should be up soon!

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