Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let it SNOW!

What a day! Well, this is certainly not normal for this time of year, but the snow started late yesterday afternoon and has kept coming ever since! They are also calling for some quite cold days this week, so if the snow doesn't go before that, it could be pretty treacherous out there on the roads! Thank goodness for mat leave and not having to commute!

George and I had a great night out last night. We went out with Marlo and Chris and Dana-Lyn and Ross who I met over three years ago when I was in the local mum's group. Gina and Murray were supposed to be out with is too, but they unfortunately couldn't get a sitter. We all went to the Keg in New West where a friend of Chris' works and not only did we have a good meal and with great company, but a bit of a break on the tab too! I actually even enjoyed a Crantini before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. Don't do that too often these days! This was our Christmas dinner since we decided that 8 adults and 8 kids was too much to try and get together this year! It was a great night!!

The roads weren't too bad getting home last night as long as you took it easy and drove to the conditions. Mum and dad came all the way out to watch the boys for us -even in the snow! I was hoping they'd stay the night, but dad was worried it'd only be worse in the morning and they said wasn't too bad getting home. We did have even more snow this morning!

Kyle had been chomping at the bit to get out there and build a snowman, but George and I alternate weekend days to sleep in and today was his turn. Kyle bugged me about waking George up for about an hour and I half before I caved at 9am and said he could go in. Thankfully, George was already waking up anyway. We got Kyle dressed and he was out the door before George could even finish getting ready. The first thing he did was go out and make a snow angel! It's a good thing we got him boots the day before yesterday and we were just lucky that his snow pants from last year still fit because we certainly hadn't tried them before this morning!

George and Kyle built an almost 6ft snowman and put rocks in for his eyes and mouth. They found some sticks and Kyle has to use them not only for arms, but for legs too! We still hadn't done our grocery shopping then, so we promised we'd get a carrot for his nose. Well, the second we got home from shopping, he wanted to go out and put the carrot nose on!

They also got the tobbogan out and cruised around on the sidewalk for a bit. George shoveled the driveway while Kyle threw snowballs at him! They were out there for ages and soaked by the time they did come in. I got them both a hot chocolate - new for Kyle! He's sure happy about all the snow and after all of that exercise, he went to sleep rather quickly this afternoon too!

Nathan didn't get out in the snow yet since he was having his nap while the boys were out earlier. I did dig out snowpants for him though and now I just have to find the boots!

We did manage to get out and get our grocery shopping done. The roads aren't too bad since we're really on a fairly main road and the roads going up there weren't bad either. The lot hadn't been done though and there were people complaining. The snow hadn't seemed to stop people from getting out to do their shopping since the store was quite busy. George did have to do a little dig out when we got home though since the car didn't want to drive into the driveway very easily.

I'm supposed to take the boys to Nathan's music class tomorrow, but if it doesn't get any better or gets worse, we may just be staying at home. Have to wait and see..



julie said...

I am so glad that you are getting the snow and not us!!! :) looks like you enjoy it though!!

LeAnn said...

Wow - snow!! It was like, um, 80 degrees here today in south Texas.

Noelia said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow! I bet the children loved it! Your pictures are so beautiful as well. I can't wait for our first snow.