Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Hangover

All the kids looked so cute!

OK, so Halloween didn't exactly go as planned around here since the boys have had colds. Kyle has to miss his Kindermusik class where the kids all dress up and there was a mum's group Halloween party yesterday that I was supposed to take the kids to that we missed as well. We did manage to get out for some trick or treating last night though and all of these pictures were taken at Tracy's. Mum was staying there since dad was out of town, so she got to see the kids in the costumes she made (for Kyle and Sophia) as well.

It's always rushed after George gets home since the kids start coming shortly after that. He didn't get all his stuff out like he wanted, but he did get some out. There were some kids that came by that said they remembered the house and were asking me about some of the other decorations we had. I know George likes doing it, so hopefully we'll be able to get out more next year again!

Since Tracy is in a good area for trick or treating, I took the boys over there and we did some trick or treating and Tracy was able to take Sophia to some of her neighbours. I wasn't sure how Kyle would do since he was so not into it last year, but he had a really good time. I think he was more into the knocking on doors and walking around looking at things than the candy though. He did want a piece by the time we came home!

After a bit of walking around, Sophia wasn't very happy (made because of cold hands since it was pretty chilly), so they went home and we stopped at a few more houses before going back. By the time we got to Tracy and Brian's again, it was time to get going and get my little Teddy Bear Nathan to bed. He was really good while we were out and had fun just looking around at everything. We went through drive-thru for something to eat and then headed home. George and Kyle still wanted to go to a house around here though that Kyle calls the "Santa house" since Santa was there on Christmas eve last year. They really decorate their house for Halloween and Christmas! I think it was fun for George to be able to take Kyle out for a little trick or treating too even though they only did a few houses. When they got to the house they really wanted to see, there was some scary music that Kyle wasn't too keen on, so George had to carry him to the door to get by where the music was playing. He got a whole little bag full of goodies though!

I had to laugh at Kyle this morning! He was much more interested in the candy and has asked me about a hundred times if he can have something, but I told him he had to wait until lunch. He kept asking, so I told him not to ask anymore and he could have something with lunch. He's now stopped asking about the candy, but keeps asking if it's lunchtime!

We decided to pop over to Tracy's again this morning with some Tim Horton's treats and to have a little visit. Kyle wanted to put on his costume again and go trick or treating! I've told him that he has to wait until next year, but I'm not so sure he gets that. I told him that Christmas was next, but now I wonder if he thinks it's next week or something! We'll have to get out the calendar and show him. George and I were talking about getting an advent calendar for him this year and that might help once December comes. Hard to believe I had to flip the calendar over to November already this morning, but I have to say that I do love this time of year and especially when it's been sunny like it has the last few days. It's been really cold (minus 2 or 3 overnight), but gorgeous during the day.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I told Kyle we could play the "spinner game" (aka Snakes and Ladders), so I'd better go play!


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