Saturday, October 28, 2006

Let's see...What's new?

Well, there's not too much new going on around here really. The hype is for Halloween for sure since it's George's favourite holiday. He and Kyle have been making window decorations and having lots of fun. We went to see the Halloween train at the park tonight too, but certainly didn't go on since it's quite scary and way too much for Kyle! Heck, it scares me - the guy with the chainsaw is the worst!

Kyle has his costume all ready. Nana (my mum) made him a Thomas costume and he loves it. That was what he wanted, so that's what he got and mum did a fantastic job! I can't wait to take some pictures of Kyle in it. I should have been able to do that today since the kids were getting dressed up for Kyle's Kindermusik class, but the boys are both all sniffly again! I think I was more disappointed than he was since we didn't talk about it with him too much today to avoid too much disappointment.

Nathan's costume is one that we had given to us by Auntie Randi. It's a little bear costume and she gave it to Kyle because I used to call him my little cuddle bear. Unfortunately, by the time Halloween came along, it didn't fit, but it's perfect this year for Nathan!

We had nice visits with both sets of parents/grandparents today! Everyone needed their baby fix at the same time. Dad is going out of town for a week, so he wanted to see the boys before he left and George's parents hadn't seen the kids for about 2 weeks, so they popped over for a visit too. We did well in the food department as a result too because we met mum and dad at Tim Horton's and dad treated everyone and then George's mum brought us food too - as usual!

Nathan seems to be growing so much these days and doing new things all the time. He's figured out how to climb the 2 stairs to get out of our sunken living room now, so he has access to the whole house! He seems to quite like Kyle's room and it's soon to be his, so I guess that's good! He's also pulling himself up on everything. I went in to get him after his nap yesterday and he was standing in the crib for the first time. Busy, busy!

Oh, we have something to look forward to next weekend too. Scott and Toni (my uncle and aunt from San Francisco now) are coming up to see everyone. It's been far too long and we're really excited about visiting with them! Can't wait for them to meet Nathan and Sophia (Tracy and Brian are coming over for dinner too) as well as see Kyle again. They'd never recognize Kyle! Should be a wonderful visit!

Well, think that's about it for now. I should go get working on getting ready for my scrapbooking retreat. Yes, I said retreat! I'm going away in a few weeks with mum for the weekend to scrap and the boys get to stay home together! Looking forward to it, but I want to try and get organized before I go so that I can get lot accomplished while I'm there!

Better go do a few things before bed. Hey, I have an extra hour tonight with the time change! Yeah!


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