Monday, October 16, 2006

Book Boy

Yes, Kyle really does love his books. We have a bookshelf that while it's not completely full, has lots of choice! We read every night at bedtime and Kyle and I have also been trying to do it during the daytime a little when Nathan lays down for a nap. Kyle would sit and read for as long as you'll let him and will now also go in and read "to himself". He, of course, has no idea what's actually written in the books generally, but I'll hear him in there making up something. Sometimes it'll have a bit of the real story that he's remembered and then added to and sometimes it'll be completely his imagination at work.

George is also really good at making up stories and Kyle loves this. I do it, but not as often for sure simply because by the time bedtime comes, sometimes I'm just to tired to engage my brain! Kyle will often ask for this at bedtime now too along with reading books and singing songs. He also has to have both of us in to say nght, so this is not a short process!

When I walked by his room the other day, he was laying on the floor in front of his bookshelf with his headed propped up and his legs corssed with a book in front of him and he was rambling away. So, what does a good scrapbooking mum do? She goes and gets her camera!!


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