Friday, October 13, 2006

Where does the time go??

I just have no idea how it got to be almost the middle of October already! I see it been longer than I thought since I posted here - as usual!!

Let's see...what have we been up to? Well, the colds that are going around certainly have hit us in the last little bit. Both the boys have now had 2 colds fairly close together. I managed to miss the first one, but not so lucky the second time around. That meant that we spent the better part of last week at home trying to get all of us healthy again which was really too bad considering how gorgeous the weather has been.

Nathan seems to have been hit hardest by the bugs. Finally took him to the Dr last Friday after him just being sick for a while and seeming out of sorts. Good thing I did as I found out he had an ear infection. The Dr put him on antibiotics since he was all congested and had been sick for a while as well as having the ear infection. Well, I took him back again today since he didn't really seem much better and the Dr agreed. We're going to finish the course of antibiotics he's on as well as give him some Dimetapp and hope he gets better over the weekend. If not, we may have to try something else, but I don't want to give him another antibiotic if I can help it! Wait and see.

We had a busy long weekend last weekend with Thanksgiving. Kyle is still going to his music class so we did that on Saturday morning and did some picking up around here and getting ready for Monday. Sunday night we went out to mum and dad's and Tracy, Brian and Sophia were back from New Foundland in time to come too! It was great to get together and we had a little extra time to visit since mum and dad's oven wasn't cooperating and the turkey took a little longer than expected. Poor dad was stressing, but we all told him it wasn't a big deal and we weren't going anywhere!

Then, on Monday, we had all of George's family over here as well. There were 14 of us for dinner I think and we cooked the turkey and everything. George's mum did a ham too. George did the turkey on the barbeque and it was great! Just had lots of dishes to do afterwards!

George took Tuesday off as well because we wanted to take Kyle to the pumpkin patch, so we didn't have to do it on the weekend when it's crazy. We did it last year on a Saturday and it was nuts! Anyway, we get there and they're NOT OPEN!!! They said is was because they didn't have any groups booked, so they decided not to open.

I have called there twice now and they have someone calling me back because I'm MAD!! It's ridiculous when it says nothing to that effect on their website (like they may or may not be open depending on group numbers) and they advertise as being open!! I want free tickets considering we now have to go on the weekend when it's nuts. One of the girls said they'd had lots of complaints and I'm not surprised!

Poor Kyle was so disappointed he was crying when we left. We've been telling him for days we were going and he was so excited! I think we're going to try and go early tomorrow before the crowds and the rain that's forecast for later in the day.

So, Tuesday we ended up going over to George's parent's since they live not far from the barber that he goes to. Nathan and I stayed there while the Daddy and Kyle went and got their hair cut. We have to keep Kyle's short because he has a double crown and when it gets long at all, it sticks up like Alfalfa! We stopped to see Opi on the way home too.

I guess that's about it for us right now. Keeping ourselves busy for sure. And it's hard to believe that Nathan is 9 months old today! He's into everything these days and though he's not crawling, he gets around "commando style"! I'll have to get my monthly pictures of him taken today sometime and we're trying to get him into Sears for a few too.

Well, better run for now, but hope to have some good pumpkin patch pics to post this weekend with any luck!


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