Thursday, November 02, 2006

My life on a table?

I had to laugh when I looked at this table the other day. I was sitting feeding Nathan and this table is beside Nathan's high chair. It's one that Kyle sometimes sits at, but it also seems to collect general stuff too.

So, on the table, there are flyers for a furnace guy since we need ours cleaned. There are cloths, bibs and a plate and spoon from feeding Nathan. There are also Nathan's snacks and leftover yogurt containers from both Kyle and Nathan. There are Kyle's new scissors we got him to teach him how to use. He and Daddy were doing some Halloween decorations with them, so there's also tape on the table from that. Of course, there are the regular crayons (in the pumpkin bucket) and paper that are on the table for Kyle's creative endeavours. There's also a take-out menu for a Chinese food place near us that we've been talking about trying forever and never have. Funny that these things sort of sum up my day to day life these days! Not sad about that in the least.

I'm not saying that there aren't days that I miss work and being around more people, especially considering the social type of job I have, but there really isn't anything better that being able to spend my time with the boys. They both seem to be changing so quickly. If only we could get rid of these colds we've got again and get out and do a few things to help keep all of us sane!

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