Friday, February 09, 2007

On the Road to Recovery

Well, finally feeling a little better here today though Nathan is now getting my bugs I think. He's been grumpy on and off all day and has been taking little catnaps rather than 2 longer naps like he usually does.

I've had a productive day! Managed to get some laundry done, the kitchen mostly cleaned, the living room picked up and I'm hoping to vacuum it too while Nathan is napping. Not too bad considering I've been on the sofa the last 2 days. Just hope I'm not doing too much and that I'll wipe myself out!

I even got a little scrapping done too! This was a picture that was taken on Mother's Day and I love it! Nathan's cheeks were so round and I just wanted to pinch them all the time when he was that age! He's still pretty darn cute, but his body shape has sure changed! He's gotten much longer and leaner.

Nothing too much else going on here really. Found out today that it'll be another three weeks later than I expected (so starting March 26th) that I'll have Sophia. I may take her a day a week in the few weeks before that to help Tracy get some things done and to work out the kinks for both of us.

I'm still tutoring a couple of nights a week and working at the store a couple of days as well. Some days I see George for a few minutes in the morning and then a few in the evening and that's it! I'm working one night and one weekend day at the store now and I like that better than a couple of nights for logistical reasons (we don't need a sitter more than one day then) and I get more hours as well.

Well, better go do a coupe of things here since George'll be home soon!

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Joƫlle said...

What a great layout, Colleen, and a wonderful picture of you and Nathan! I agree, his cheeks are really pincheable!

Good to hear you are on the mend!