Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hi all,

Haven't been very good about posting of late and being sick this week hasn't helped. Let's see, what day is it?! I guess I started feeling sick Monday evening with a scratchy throat and then Tuesday wasn't great, but not horrible either. By that night though I was out of commission with chills, fever and the whole bit. Think it's just been a bad cold with a bad headache and congestion as well. George has actually been home the last 2 days since I was in no shape to do anything for myself, never mind the boys. Think I'm on the road to recovery though not there yet!

Called in sick to work tonight as well, but some things can't be helped and I have a feeling someone at work might have actually passed it along to me!

Kyle is going to Grandma's tomorrow for a visit, so that'll help me as well. Had been planning on doing that to get me a little "me" time, but I guess it'll be "recovery" time now!

Oh well, better this sick now than once I have Sophia 4 days a week as well since that's only a few weeks away now!


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