Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, first I was to say thanks to those of you that e-mailed me about my last blog post. I got a couple of very nice notes and it was wonderful!

Now as for this one, we'll start with a general update. Not too much going on around here since Nathan is still sick. Kyle is dying to get out to the park, but it's not that warm and I don't want to be taking Nathan yet. He just can't seem to shake this and his poor little nose has been like a tap for days now.

We did manage to get out and meet Tracy and Sophia up at the mall for a few minutes yesterday. Nice to just get out of the house and it wasn't for very long. I actually got a few minutes to myself too because both the boys napped after we got back! Yeah!

I'd like to go pick up those pictures today too that I ordered. It would be nice to get out for a little walk if nothing, but we'll have to see how Nathan is when he gets up. Surprisingly, he's still sleeping (slept until 8 yesterday too), but I'm sure he needs it!

Now, as for today's journaling topic from A Fancy Word Made Simple:
What makes you comfortable?

I could have a list a mile long if I thought about it, but here are a few:
cuddles from my boys
being home
clean sheets
my comfy pants
a hot cup of coffee and the wonderful smell it has
a fire when camping
the sound of rain on the roof
dad's old sweatshirt

Well, better be off and see what I can get done today. There's a ton of laundry (amongst all the other chores) waiting to be done! Have a good one!


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