Saturday, April 08, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday}

Well, my pictures for today aren't what I thought they were going to be! With Tracy having baby Sophia at 12:41am this morning, I figured I would take pics when we all went up to the hospital this morning after Kyle went to Kindermusik. We got there only to find out that they had taken Sophia to the nursery shortly before and that she would be staying there for 2-4 days. Her white blood cell count is up for some strange reason that they can't figure out, so they want to give her some antibiotics. The pediatrician said that everything is probably completely fine and that she's the picture of health, but they simply want to make sure she stays that way. The hard thing, of course, is that Trace will have to go home before Sophia does.

Now, the funny thing is that Tracy had Sophia in the same room that I had Nathan in about 3 months ago! We told Kyle that when Tracy had the baby that we would go to the hospital and all he was thinking about was washing his hands in the big sink like he did when he was there after Nathan was born!

My other funny pictures are also indirectly related to Sophia being born! When I had Kyle, my mum and dad brought me flowers in this little pink lamb vase that my dad bought flowers for my mum in when I was born. They dressed that vase up with blue ribbon and some blue flowers, but it is pink after all! My mum wanted to be able to give it to Tracy as well, so I went digging in the closet this morning to get it. In doing so, we also found the jolly jumper, so George put Nathan in it for the first time. Well, he quite liked it and happily bounced bounced away to our surprise! The funny thing was that when we went to take pictures, Kyle kept standing in front of the camera for his picture to be taken! Then, Kyle got into the bouncing act on his own and ended up all red in the face and sweaty "showing" Nathan how to jump!

Anyway, I'm waiting for Tracy to call me after her nap so that I can go back up to the hospital for a visit to see her and keep her company for a while. I actually had a little nap this afternoon myself after not getting much sleep last night with being at the hospital! Mum was up there for a while this afternoon while Brian slept since he's been up for ages! It sounds like I'll be able to go see Sophia in the nursery with Tracy too and I'm hoping I can take some pictures then!



Catherine said...

Look at him in the Johnny Jumper! How fun is that? Great {snapshots}! :D

shirley said...

Love the pictures!!