Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So much learning happening in our house...

This is what Kyle started the other day while Nathan was napping. I was shocked that he wanted to actually write a full sentence rather than a word, but he knew what he wanted to say. The most exciting part for me was when he got stuck and came and asked for help that he asked me for the phonetic sound rather that the spelling of the word.

After doing the printing, he had to draw a picture of course.
The funny thing is that after doing this at home, Kyle's teacher asked to talk to me after class yesterday and she wanted to show me the journal work he had done yesterday and it was something quite similar though on a different topic! Part of the reason she wanted to show me was that she thought it was so cute. He'd written "Thank you Ms. ___ for your help, but I'm going on vacation." and then he'd drawn a picture. So cute! And we're not quite going on vacation yet, but he's excited!!

He's also really improved his reading with the home reading books he's bringing home every day and I can see his reading confidence improving. He's much more willing to try and sound out words now and likes the challenge of words he doesn't know. It's so much fun for me to see him doing all these things! Think he'll be getting a couple of new books for his birthday!

His teacher also let me know that I might want to come to the awards ceremony towards the end of the month because Kyle will be getting a citizenship award! Cool! Can't wait to see what Grade 1 will bring!



Tracy said...

I couldn't possibly be more proud of my nephew!!!

Joƫlle said...

How exciting!! You must be SO proud!

Lindsay said...

Thta is so very exciting Colleen! I totally get your enthusiasm - as a teacher for 9 years AND as a parents of a four year old - Kyle is doing awesome! You have so many reasons to be proud! :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats, Colleen! You've won a giveaway on the Pebbles blog! Be sure to check it out!

Send me your address and we'll get your prize shipped next week!