Monday, November 30, 2009

The End of November?! Really!?!

OK, so I started out with a plan to blog more regularly this month (as with many months lately) and I didn't do very well with this since it's been almost a month since I updated!  Yikes!  Where does the time go?

Anyway, I'm going to do a little monthly update at a result and I'm actually going to start with something from today since I obviously haven't posted anything new creatively in quite a while...

This is a card I did for the Challenge Masters Card challenge for November and I managed to do it here on the last day of the month with some scraps I had leftover from classes I've been teaching this month.  It's the first round card I've ever done (part of the challenge) and I can see more of them in my future now! 

I used my Spellbinders for the scalloped and regular circles, Imaginisce patterned snowflake paper, an Amuse sentiment stamp, a Marvy punch for the scalloped rectangle for the sentiment, Memento black ink, the FaLaLa Slice card and Slice machine for the snowflake, Brilliance Sky Blue ink for the distressing, Glitter Ritz Cool Highlight glitter and a Quickie Glue pen to add the bling.

As for the rest of the month...
 - I've had a cold for 3 weeks that I think is finally just about gone
 - the boys both had colds as well as Nathan is just working on getting rid of his second cold
 - Kyle started Hip Hop dance classes and is loving them
 - George has been involved in getting ready to be an Olympic volunteer for both the Olympics and the Paralympics.
 - I taught Christmas cards at preschool one day
 - I've been teaching tons of classes this month
 - managed to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done in recent days
 - Nathan had a preschool trip to the library
 - we had a staff meeting and crop at work
 - I've had preschool and PAC meetings and they were 2 days in a row of course!
 - George finally got his crown done on a tooth that's been bothering him for a bit
 - Nathan has Special Person's night at preschool where the kids get to invite someone special that doesn't normally get to see them there, so he took Daddy!

I'm sure there's been much more, but I missed some of it when I was feeling really crappy!  lol  I'm hoping that's it for a while for bugs for us, but we'll see.  Looking forward to December and more fabulous holiday memories!  Nice now that we've cut way back on the gift giving thing and work more on spending time doing things with family and friends.

Now, before I finish, I should post a few Halloween pictures too since I didn't even manage to do that!  Nathan was Spongebob and Kyle was Darth Vadar or "Dark Vadar" as he calls him sometimes.  Everything in our house is currently about Star Wars it seems!  We've finally hit the phase I knew was coming!  Mum came over for a bit too and she was all dressed as a pirate!  Fun!

OK, think I'll sign off there for now, but also hoping to work on a December Daily album again this year inspired by Ali Edwards, so we'll see what happens!  Need to get on the ball with that!  Maybe I'll post tomorrow again with some of the things that we're looking forward to in December!  Crazy that we're here again at the last month of the year already!


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