Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More class sneaks and a survey!

Yes, it's another crazy weather day around here, so I thought I'd try and pop in again!  Today, I've got another question for you and a first on my blog - a survey!

These are two of the 8 cards that we'll be doing in the new Gabrielle class at Precious Memories if you're local as well.  If you can't make the class on the evening of the 12th, there are kits available too!

Well the pouring rain just started again and now that the kids have had lunch, I'd better go get some chores done.  Got some errands done this morning and ordered my sister's birthday present, so it's already been a productive day.  Kyle has karate after school, I have a PAC meeting tonight and George is going to a council meeting about a property in out neighbourhood that wants to subdivide!  Things never seem to slow down!

Have a great evening and enjoy the hockey game if you're in BC!


Anonymous said...

Lovely cards! I've completed the survey. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I was a teacher for 34 years, but have retired now.

scrappyjacky said...

I enjoy all of them....love doing a variety of crafting....and also seeing a variety on blogs.

Jinnag said...

Lovely cards Colleen - done your survey :) .Thanks for dropping in on my blog. J x

Alexis said...

Hey Colleen
Thanks for popping by my blog. Wanted to let you know how I did the black flowery border. It was a dollar store find. It's just a sticky velvet ribbon. Great find! I took your survey - cool idea. have a good day! Enjoy the hockey game!

MonicaB said...

Your cards are beautiful. Thanks for commenting at my blog. I did your survey. Even though I only do scrapbooking and card making, I do love seeing what other people are creating.

Tammy said...

Gorgeous cards! That's a class I'd take. :)