Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Fabulous Family Day!

This is one of those days where I wish I had pictures, but I'm content to have the wonderful memories. It started with me sleeping in, which is a wonderful thing on it's own!

Afterwards, George had this idea of going out for a drive and trying the Weaver Creek fish hatchery. We didn't bother looking at the website or anything mostly because we wanted to just get out for a bit. Called mum and dad and said we were heading out in their direction and that we'd give them a call when we were coming their way.

As it turned out, we were too early for the fish hatchery as it doesn't open for about another 3 weeks. It didn't matter though because we'd have a beautiful drive and the kids we having fun and being silly. We decided to head towards mum and dad's, so I called them and they invited us for dinner. We made a quick stop to have a stretch and get a little something for the boys since they'd been good. Kyle chose another Bakugan and Nathan picked a book and some paints. Off we went to Nana and Grandpa's!

We had a really nice visit with mum and dad and it was just really relaxing. They made us a wonderful dinner and we had pie for dessert! George was happy because he got 3 kinds of meat for dinner and then 2lbs of hamburger to take home too! Mum and dad have been winning tons of meat at a local meat draw and they'd made meatloaf for dinner. George likes it and the boys ate it for the first time and enjoyed it too, so mum and dad gave us more hamburger (since they'd won 10lbs of it!) to make one at home!  We also took them a couple of treats (Triple Berry Bars) that were similar to ones from a bakery by their old place that they liked and dad said they tasted the same too. 

We left their place about 6:30pm and made one little stop on the way home for fresh corn on the cob and blueberries. The drive home was a little rainy, but all good. Nathan fell asleep and we managed to get him in and get his pants changed before he fell asleep again! Kyle watched some of Clone Wars with George and he's now in bed too. It was just a really nice family day and great to get out to see mum and dad at their place! Thanks mum since I know you're reading!

Have a couple of things to do before bed here and then I think I'm going to pack it in before too late since I work again tomorrow.  It'll be nice having Monday off with George again too and then it's back to school for Kyle on Tuesday!  Think mum might come for Kyle's first day too since she's as excited as he is I think!

**Note to self - remember to send mum more recipes for the family cookbook we're working on and try to get some pictures uploaded to the digital picture frame we're giving grandma!  Why is it that the list of things to do never ever seems to get shorter?

Have a fabulous Sunday!

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