Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First Day of School!!

This is my 6 year old going on 16 year old on the first day of Grade 1!

OK, so I'm a little behind in my blogging to say the least, but it's been busy around here.  And as far as school's concerned, I'm only late for Kyle because today was actually Nathan's first day!  It was a little crazy with getting up and getting both the boys ready for school and packing Kyle's lunch and Nathan's snack.  I also got up at 7 this morning, so I had to get myself all showered and ready this morning a little later too.  I figured that since I only had the boys though, I wanted to take advantage of it because with Sophia and Matthew here, there's no chance of me sleeping until 7 and being ready to get Kyle to school on time!!

Kyle's first day was only a half day and Nana was so excited for him that she came in to go with us too!  There were class lists near the office for the Grade 1 kids and we found out that Kyle not only has the same teacher that he did in Kindergarten, but that all three of the kids that he really wanted in his class are in there!!  He's very excited about having the teacher he does and so am I for that matter!  We were warned that there might be some movement during the first few days, but they've since confirmed classes and teachers and everything's the same!  Yeah! 

I think mum got some good pictures that I'll have to get from her too!

He's totally lovin' the being there all day and having his lunch.  It was sure weird for me the first day he was there all day!  My afternoon just felt all out of sorts and I felt like something was wrong and that I was late for getting him!  I'm still trying to figure out what to feed him every day for lunch, but we're managing!

I always ask him what his favourite 2 things were about the day and one is always recess or lunch and the other is generally "centers" where they can go and choose the actitvity they want to play/learn with. It's just hard for me to believe he's actually in Grade 1 already!

Nathan was quite upset when Kyle got to go school and he couldn't.  He had a good cry the first day when I told him we were taking Kyle, but that he had to wait a little longer for his school to start.  He was more than ready this morning though and even took his backpack to school when we went and took Kyle to school before he went!  He wanted his cheese stick that was going to be his snack in his backpack first thing this morning, but I was trying to convince him that it might not taste that good by snack time if we put it in there that early.  I compromised and put some raisins and his Rufus the dog in there first thing this morning!

I was actually on duty today as well after switching with another parent who couldn't go today.  She's taking my day next week!  It was only half the class today and Nathan was supposed to be going tomorrow, but went today since I was on duty!  An easy day for duty since it was a shorter day and they didn't get into as much.  At then end of class, Nathan for some reason decided that he wanted to stay at school and that he wanted a lollipop - neither of which was going to happen!  We had a few tears, but everything was OK in the end!  He certainly had a fabulous morning and was so much fun to watch!

It'll be interesting to see how all this goes next week with Matthew and Sophia here though I'll get a little help for the first 2 weeks I'm doing this with all the kids because George is going to be home on holidays!  He just needs a break and has more than enough holidays to take a little time!

Well, better go think about getting Kyle from school here shortly!
Have a fabulous day!


ellen s. said...

oh how cuuuute cuuute cuuute!!!!!!

michele said...

how stinkin cute are they??!?!?!

Tracy said...

Aww, my adorable nephews! You got some better first day pictures than I did. The best ones I got were of Sophia and Nathan in the van on the way to preschool. The ones that I took outside are not good of either Fia or Nathan! But they are kind of funny. I'll send them to ya.